A Dire Need To Change Our Outlook

(Sarwar, lahore)

It is irony, which has also been proved many a time, that every Media Channel (Print and Electronic) has a set policy / liking and, despite being cut off from reality, pursue the same vehemently. They are never bothered to see repercussions of such policy on national and State interests and even on our next generations.

It is really a matter of great dismay, surprise and sorrow that every channel, with the exception of a few, wants to be Torch Bearer in the spread of vulgarity, modernism, violation of set moral code of the society, Anti State, anti Islam feelings. Media, through their lengthy commercial ads, mostly containing romantic scenes, stupid movements (dancec, beating, kicking, hittig/scuffles and aggressive gestures) and vulgar dialogues / dresses try to promote a product which has no relevance with such ads. Many times Indian ads are aired on Pakistani channels. Moreover dresses of the female anchors / field female workers, projection of functios like fashion shows, music and cultural activities, sports, marathon races, beauty parlors and many other activities all aiming at transforming Pakistan (Special gift bestowed on us by Almighty Allah) into an open society i.e, Liberal, Secular, Enlightened, Modern Islamic state ruled by Familycracts in the name of Democracy. This Media, galloping at very fast speed, has done a great damage by changing the moral fibre of the Muslim society in Pakistan; severity of and increased rate of crimes are indicators.

If we observe Media programmes keenly many things become crystal clear.

1). Media gave good coverage to Malala’ visit. Many articles were written mostly in favour of her, but a few made  an effort to warn the Pakistanis about the big game and nefarious designs of Pakistan’s open and hidden enemies. “All that glitters is not gold,” is equally applicable to Malala.

2). Media had very less coverage in highltghting clossol loss of innocent lives in Qundooz (Nearly 100 killed and 200 injured) through drone attack by stooge,USA supported Afghan government, against innocent Afghans including Haffaz (assembled for Dastarbandi of new Haffaz).

3). Media remained fully absorbed in commentaries, news and interviews about PSL matches played in Pakistan but very less coverage to Indian Army’s brutality spread throughout Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The Kashmiris were bleeding and Pakistanis were mourning but Media was passing through fever of PSL matches. Thus it is clear-cut failure to fix priorities by the Media!!

4). Many times it so happens that a clip displayed on creen contains very sad news but simultaneously adds in abnoxious dresses containing dances, filthy dialogues, are displayed. This shows moral fibre and total indifferent attitude of the personalities at the helm of affairs.

5). We live in Pakistan, a Muslim country. We live in a society where moral values and family units are still strong. But unfortunately Media is determined to make a big dent therein. They think they are mostly  successful. If so who will be the loser at the end? There is a dire need to revise our policy? I wish wisdom  prevails and we learn lessons from the West who are really fed up from the policy they had adopted and which ruined their family unit (the sex free society does not differentiate among blood relation, same sex marriage legalized. Annual festivasl are attended by absolutely naked male and female members).

6). Media has misunderstood the meaning of “Beaking News”. This is the “Most misused” term. News of minor  accidents resulting into injury to an odd person, firing incidents, a scuffle in a remote village and many such events of least importance, appear on the TV screen as “Breaking News”. This practice has supised the viewers!

7). Channels show more interviews / programmes on actors / actresses, singers, writers, poets, and sports persons as compared to reknowned educationists, economists, industrials, doctors and man other useful members of the society.

8). I am sorry I can't express my feelings properly the way affairs of "Mumlakat -i- Khudaa Dad Pakistan” are being run. You start from President House and through PM House enter Chief Minister Punjab office, take a round of Parliament House ( Leaving aside the performance, the attendace has been lesser than Class I of a Primary School in remote area of Pakistan), Ministries especially Education Ministry and you will conclude that every where and every one, using national resources is trying his best to erode the Two Nation Theory, Ideology of Pakistan, Islamic conjunctions, our rich Islamic history, legacy of our Religious leaders and set norms and bonds of family units.

Let me submit that Allah, the most Merciful, through warnings, some time in quick succession, in the form of natural calamities and other grave problems like earth quakes, floods, drought, dengue, Congo virus, fires, target killings, planned police encounters, murders, terrorist attacks, atmosphere of fear, rampant corruption, increased street crimes, deteriorating performance in every walk of life, has desired that we mend our ways and fulfill our Commitment made on Creation of Pakistan!! But we have closed our eyes - the Government functionaries, the PEMRA, the Ministry dealing with education, the Media, the politicians, the law givers, the religious stalwarts, the conscientious Muslims, all are sleeping and shirking their responsibilities

I would like to remind all Media persons that this Beloved Country was bestowed to us by Allah Almighty in the name of Islam – The Code of Life spelled out in the Holy Qura'n, to be followed in every sphere of life. Hence there is a dire need that we infuse, project and strengthen Islamic values, Nazaria Pakisan and Two Nation Theory in every Pakistani. It is our National obligation, everyone must play his role. For God's sake Let us all fullfil our Commitment made on Creation of Pakistan.

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