PTI’s Dynamics in the New Government

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The holding of GE-18 marked a decade of democratic structure running its full course and the elected governments exhausting their complete terms and entering into the other. Carrying out the elections was a change in itself.The people participated with fervour and enthusiasm. The highly competitive environment of the political scenario exhibited a majorpower shift and PTI gaudily emerged as the leading political party. IK has struggled for over 22 years of facinghard stepping and failures.His political career so far has been arduous, strenuous and demanding standing up against the corruption and fighting for the cause with anintense clarity of his objective.

In the duration of his struggle IK has woken up the sleeping giant of political awareness in the country and that resulted in a turnout of 53% approx. The Prime Ministervended a dream of change to the Pakistanis. Holding the flag high for a corruption-free Pakistan and rule of justice, IK and PTI raised the bar of expectations from their voters and supporters. He is to face a tough opposition but the foremost challenge for him as sitting PM would be to come up to high expectations and only time will tell if he was able to deliver the change he promised.Imran Khan in his address to the nation won hearts of Pakistanis;his speech was visionary. Every word of him proved to the audience that IK was a rightful winner. The manifesto setspoke opulently the objectives, priorities and the dynamics of new government.

Pakistan has been poorly performing in the foreign policy for a couple of years;the position of FM laid vacant for too long and with the internal political governance issues and the raising pressures from the international community, Pakistan was being side-lined. Imran Khan being a recognized figureand acclaimed for being amongst the 100 most influential leaders could undeniably reset the ties at the international level. An intense speculation and reservation was expressed in Indian media pertaining to IK’s holding the chair for Pakistan, but his speech not only dissolved all the exaggerated hype but also altered their perspectives ashe calledfor peacefulrelations with India. It was welcomed by both the Pakistanis and the critics across the border.

Similarly, official messages tweeted in the Chinese and Afghani languages affirmed to strengthen the ties with the neighbouring countries. The gesture was responded with positive retort reaffirming the importance of Pakistan as their friendly neighbours. With US, the speech was responded with civil positivity but it is to note that IKhas been famed for being blunt; he opposed US policies of drone attacks in the past. This fearless attitude may nudge Pakistan into a strong position to be able to convey and present its traction on various international issues more proactively.

One of the most critical challenges IK and his government will have to face is the fight they took on against corruption. The corruption is rooted in the system and in the absence of a proper accountability procedures and implementations; PTI will have to start from grass root levels to eradicate the core of corruption. It is going to be a tough terrain and the execution of the much awaited change could be slackened down and hampered because of these exhausting barricades.

Countering corruption and rooting out corruption at all levels will improve in the efficient consumption of tax payers’ money. PTI government aims to improve the tax collecting mechanismby ensuring receipt of tax from the big giants and shrinking burden on the masses. Astoundingly unlike the precedents, IK in his speech announced to controlthe running government expenses by denying the luxurious lifestyle and VIP culture already securing a major chunk of the treasury. If implemented, PTI would set an example of low maintenance governance. IK in his speech cited that he would protect the tax payers’ money. Clearly this is the need of the time when Pakistan is facing severe economic crisis. A rise in the value of money was already witnessed since the results surfaced and if right policies are initiated by PTI, it seems to attract a good amount of foreign and localinvestments.

Depoliticizing of the police force as aimed by PTI will strengthen the institution enhancing its credibility and efficiency resulting in a competently managed crime purge around the country and a better law and order situation. As also the VIP lifestyle is negated by the PTI, it is expected that the large number of police force deployed on moving with the protocol squad will be lessened and deployed where they are more efficient and productive.

Civil-military relations are always the backbone of the country. Internal security still remains a challenge for the nation and for effectively countering terrorism it is inevitable that the government and the Armed Forces stand on the same page and work coherently to improve the law and order and the national security situation. Military has always been sincere to the defence of the country putting Pakistan first in all situations, come what may. In the past, the civil-military relations were constrained from time to time and the reason behind remained Military’s no-tolerance policy on national interests.

IK has always proved himself to be holding national interests above his personal individuality. His clear stance on the corruption eradication, the strength of judiciary and accountability mechanism has proved IK to be positioning nation ahead of everything. Moreover, PTI and IK have taken a strong position in the previous few years with respect to terrorism andcome out from their greys to the absolute surety that any kind of terrorist is a national threat and must be dealt with appropriateresponse. A pro-national government keeping its interest supreme looks promising to work coherently and in congruence with the interests of military. This synchronization anticipated will assuredly result in harmonious and correlated civil-military relations in Pakistan and will also unconditionallyaffect the national policy pertaining to security and defence.

IK with hisNaya Pakistanvision has won PTI an opportunity to showcase potentials and exert capability by ensuring delivery of good governance and taking Pakistanout of the crises. It is impossible to create a difference in their first hundred days, but the push and thread of the government will surely indicatethe true direction PTI is on its way to running the government. The strenuous environment demands resilientresolve andconsistent efforts to make rational decisions and create a difference in the face of all odds. The great expectations have risen the bar and the motto of tabdeeli by IK will be realized only when this change as promised, is delivered and the tabdeeli is vividly visibly by the common people.

IK has been welcomed by the domestic and international circles and trusted to make Pakistan great again because a stronger Pakistan will contribute positively to the world. He has risen above as a non-typical politician and emerged as a much awaited leader Pakistan was looking for. But the success of the new government will profoundly depend on the delivery of good governance, improvement in the economic condition and circular debts, strengthening the judiciary accountability systems, eradicating corruption, uplifting the living standard of the under privileged and making the promise of change, a reality.

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