President Donald Trump's Statement (February 20) About Palwama Blast

(Sarwar, Lahore)

The Joint Hurrayyat Conference led by Syed Ali Gilani ofIHK is 100 % right in their statement that the Indian Army has forced the Kasmiri Youth to decide that the only option left with them to win freedom is to be ready to face the Military forces even at the peril of their lives. It is this change in thinking of the new generation that they are determined to get rid of the Indian yoke and push the Indian forces out of IHK.

The annals of history bear it out that India, taking cover of a fake document (Copy of which has not been shown on any forum), sent her forces to IHK. However, having seen a humiliating retreat from Jammu and Kashmir, she went to UN requesting for immediate Cease Fire. The Indian Leadership who, despite their assurances, to the World body, to the Kashmiris, and to the Pakistan PM Liaqat Ali Khan, did not honor their commitments regarding plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Indian Forces, to strengthen their hold, have been resorting to worst type of atrocities since 1948. You name any cruelty and the Kashmiris have borne it on their bodies! You can’t find even a single house / family in Indian Held Kashmir, which has not suffered at the hands of “Occupation Army” Throughout Indian Held Jammu and Kashmir, you can find the Kashmiris invariably carrying signs of various punishments inflicted on them i.e, rape, tortured old parents, orphans / widows, a crippled persons, a pallet gun blinds. All possible means of livelihood destroyed, burnt or demolished. IHK has been turned in to the biggest Confinement Camp on the Planet. The graves are multiplying in number and so are the graveyards but the parks / fields are shrinking in numbers / size. With every passing day, the trigger happy soldiers of the Indian Army are adding new feathers to their caps. Killing and other atrocities are going unabated.

A few pertinent questions to US President, Donald Trump and the sane Americans who claim to be “Champions of Freedom Movements”and Protector of Human Rights” on our Globe:
1. When the Americans were fighting “War of Independence before 1776, against the Occupant forces of Great Britain” were the American Freedom fighters subjected to same type of atrocities meted out to the Kahmiris? If so,
2. Were the Americans fighting for freedom of their homeland called “Terrorist?”
3. Did the Americans succeed in their Movement for Freedom and after how long?
4. Instead of supporting the Freedom Fighters in Kashmir to end India’s occupation, why US is backing Indian occupation of Kashmir?
5. Are the policies adopted by US Government in line with the message given by “Statue of Liberty so majestically erected in USA?”
6. What was the reason when Moodi’s entry was banned in US?
7. Has the inalienable right of freedom been denied to the Kashmiris and under which rule?
8. Who will force Bharat to fulfill her commitment made at various forums for grant of freedom to the people of Jammu and Kashmir through plebiscite.
9. Why US has not so far taken the lead to ensure that the Kashmiris get their acknowledged right of Self Determination?

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