Insensible behavior of India against Pakistan after pulwama attack

(Talha Wajid, Lahore)

14 Feb 2019 the day of attack on Indian forces occupied in Kashmir district of Pulwama and 2019 is also the election year in India so, without any kind of evidence or research authenticity India claimed Pakistan as accused for this attack. Indian Government and Indian Prime Minister Modi use this allegation as the tool of their Election campaign as to denigrate Pakistan is hobby for India. In the past Indian government was giving lollipop of surgical strikes to defame Pakistan.

This is extremely irrational to put such allegations on Pakistan because the whole world Knows that what Indian Army is doing in occupied Kashmir since 1948 they are killing thousands of innocent Kashmiris, That attack is the failure of Indian security and the failure of Indian armed forces occupied in Kashmir which they now putting on Pakistan’s head.

In addition India exposed their narrow minded & childish behavior and their Android apps & channels are not allowed to cover PSL matches. This childish step is not going to affect the PSL fame but exposed the narrow mind of Indian government. “Kulbhushan yadav” who was arrested by Pakistan forces because of his terrorism activities in Pakistan even then Pakistan warmly welcome Indian Artists, because Pakistan Government and Nation are matured enough to understand that entertainment and sports have nothing to relate with terrorism.

Pakistan Army and general public are ready even to do war but both countries have nuclear power which can be destroy peace between not only in India and Pakistan but other neighbor’s countries too. For the sake of the peace Indian state must be stopped to put such allegations against Pakistan and should work on the real facts.
“Pakistan & Pakistan Army Zindabad”

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