Revolution of Sudan

(Muhammad Ali Malik, Gujrat)

After Morocco and Egypt, public resistance led to a political revolution within Sudan. Public demonstrations are around the world, such as the massive protests on the Wall Street in the United States or the unusual movement of India Anna Hazare, but the resulting power has no effect on it. People start screaming for some days and then sit tired. Arvind Kejriwal, who runs the party's movement against Anna against Congress, does not appoint Lokal. Singh, who supported Anna Hazare, left behind a helpless helper after the occupation, but the Muslim world is the discretion of public resistance. People of Islamic countries protest on the streets and protest, Hosni Mubarak and Umar al-Bashir are being driven. In this regard, Sudan's people deserve appreciation that they overcame thirty years power who did not solve the basic problem of the masses. are happy that they overwhelmed the 30-year-old power by not raising the basic problems of the inflation and the economy, against an emotional problem or the fatal enemy.

The recent protest of Sudan began on December 19, 2018. Rising prices of food and the protest against the worsening economy continued uninterrupted for the past four months, and became a powerful challenge for thirty years old power of Omar al-Bashir. By dreading the circumstance Omar al-Bashir expelled the focal government and evacuated the governors of the state and was replaced by security officials as it was done in Jammu and Kashmir. Inspection of Emergency like Indra Gandhi. Special courts were set up to terrorize the people and they were not allowed for public assembly. Some extra rights were given to police. Due to these steps people did not afraid but their enthusiasm grew up. Women were also in the field of action when the arrests were started

As a result, Omar Al Bashir's intentions were wiped up, and on the occasion of women's day he ordered the release of all women taken to custody, but they did not agree at last he had to resign.

Sudan received independence from the British imperialism nice years after India. after two years in 1958, Major General Ibrahim Abood took control of power after a bloody rebellion, but he could not rule for a long time. In 1964 a public uprising caused the army to quit power. This experience could not last long. After five years in 1969 in the leadership of Col. Jafar Nameri army regained control. In the same situation in year 1985, Nameri was ousted under the leadership of General Abdul Rahman. He handed over all the options to the representatives of the public by sending elections within one year. In such a peaceful way, the control of the country came into the hands of Sadiq Al Mahdi.

At present control of Sudan is in the hands of General Abdul Fateh al- Burhan. He is elected president of the military interim council, hoping that he would soon return to the public representatives like General Abdul Rahman. The chairman of the political committee ,Omar Zain al-Adeben says that " army will nowpropose the solution of national crisis but masses will do this. while talking to journalists he said that, "We are the protectors of public demands and all the political parties have given this responsibility to us." "The public came up with his statement that" we, the army, is not greedy for power. This statement of Omar Zain al-Adeben is also welcomed by masses. "The interim military council does not have a solution to the crisis of Sudan, but instead of the current situation, the protesters will solve the problem." The interim council welcomed the talks to hold the present crisis. Instead of imposing something else, the makers will be ready to negotiate."Sudan's military leadership is showing such kind of shrewdness, such stability and seriousness is rare in other country's politicians. Zain al-'Abbasen hoped that "the transition of power will be completed in more than two years, however, if it becomes without chaos, it is enough for a month's duration, "despite the big change, it is quite easy to estimate that there is a pleasant atmosphere inside Sudan, despite the deprive of power from Omar Al Bashir, his political party has been allowed to attend the next election . Thirty years ago After the overthrow of Sadiq Al Mahdi's unstable government, Omar al-Bashir made this political party and got three times success in the election and remained in government for thirty years but government failed to solve the problems and the way out was shown to them. It was not within Sudan that despite the great disaster on every front, efforts of nationalism and sectarianism were again reinforced on power. Sudan's protests reached to its peak at the moment when thousands of protesters poured out in front of the Ministry of Defense and Omar Al-Bashir's residence in Khartoum. When Security forces came to disperse them, army stopped them. In this clash while army was defending protesters eleven person including six soldiers were killed despite this, thousands of protesters gathered together in capital khartoum.

Amid this time, it was pleased that Omar Al Bashir has been ousted from his position and in excess of 100 individuals, who are viewed as near him, have been attested. khartoum's air port was shut for flights with the goal that none of them could dispose of the nation's wealth.

The assignment of extending Omar Al Bashir's capacity, the interval military board head and the protection serve, Mohammad Ahmad bin Auf, with the declaration stated, "for two years, remote issues will lead a set up in political control. National election will be held after two years.

"In the wake of expelling Omar Al Bashir, previous Defense Minister, Ouz bin Auf, briefly suspended the constitution of the nation for a quarter of a year. Ouz bin Auf had been very close to Qmar Al Bashir, people did not satisfied and protests continued. Instead of sticking to his chair, he also resigned within a day, General Abdul Fatah was made the rule of interim council. People expressed happiness over it. General Abdul Fatah canceled the curfew and ordered all the prisoners arrested under the Emergency Law to repeat this joy.

Previous President Omar al-Bashir was blamed for protecting Islamic activists in 1993, adding to the rundown of psychological militant guide nations. Washington declares endorses on Sudan attempting to desolate And in 2003, under the worldwide Criminal Court of Crime, Omar al-Bashir issued a warrant to capture the blamed in the uprising for Darfur territory of Sudan, including criminal accusations. So the West brags, however nobody discusses harmony in South Sudan. There is a larger part of Christians in southern Sudan and there are oil wells. The territory was continually disturbing and kept on executing slaughter. The West kept on nullifying this viciousness despite the fact that the Northern Al-Syrians of Northern Sudan had isolated South Sudan rather than powerfully with them. Indeed, even after the arrangement of a different government, the riots in South Sudan was not toppled.
At this moment, a video is playing inside the social media, in which Christian Popes are mentioning the tranquility of the general population of South Sudan, to live in peace . Harmony does not exist thusly. It must be built up, and the need to disturb the definitive rulers by moving an open development when required, for what it's worth inside Sudan.

This distinction between the north and south of Sudan is because of the Islamic human advancement and culture that has made the north of the north a country of admirers for equity .Western media was hoping that the new ruler will be agree to give Omar Al Bashir to anomies.The head of the political committee of the Interim Military Council rejected the possibility of transferring any other country of the deposed President, saying that it could be Sued prosecuted in Sudan only.
Written By: Muhammad Ali Malik

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