Let Pakistan Live Long

(Prof. Mansoor A. Nasir, Malaysia)

Nawaz Sharif , Asif Zardari and Hamza Shahbaz are now behind the bars. Many others belonging to PMLN and PPP are also being probed. The corruption charges leveled against them are still to be proved by NAB. NAB is the institution that has the powers to investigate against the culprit and suggest punishment. It is a matter between the criminal and the court. Unfortunately, in Pakistan the establishment and the Prime Minister have unjustifiably overtly or covertly intervening in what in reality is the job of NAB. It seems as if Imran Khan and the establishment have joined hands to rein in these two parties. Will this collaboration or joint force be used to combat corruption or it is just to establish the establishment’s hegemony on all other institutions? In his innocence or lack of political sense or his cherished desire to become the PM of Pakistan IK has become a tool. He has forgotten the promises that he had made with the people of Pakistan during his 22-year struggle to gain access to the corridors of power. More than ten months have elapsed since his election or selection as PM, but he is badly failed to give any relief to the poor people for whom he was the last hope. He gave them nothing but hunger and humiliation or a spiritless advice: just wait and don’t get embarrassed. The economy has taken a nosedive. Heavy loans from IMF and some friendly countries have added extra and unbearable burden on the already pressed and suppressed people. Instead of paying attention to the amelioration of the down-trodden, he is acting as a villain whose only goal now is to crush and wipe out his opponents from the political arena for good. Establishment is there to pat on his back. Imran’s insipience has made it easy for it to engrave its fate and become the unchallenged, all-powerful ruler of Pakistan. This it could not do with Zardari who is shrewd enough to counter its designs. Nor could it do this with Nawaz as he is, by nature, arrogant and authoritative. Moreover, as he was grown up in the lap of Zia ul Haq, he knows what tactics establishment can play and to what extent it can go to achieve its goal. In Imran it found a dim-witted and morally degraded person who can be used in any way without any fear of revolt. Imran knows that disobedience will not only deprive him of his present position but also made him naked before the people because of his moral turpitude of which establishment has ample proof.

Nobody can deny the fact that corruption is a monster evil that eats up the very roots of society. In spite of being a Muslim country, Pakistan boasts of being the one among the most corrupt countries of the world. From a peon to the PM all have the evil stigma of corruption (financial or moral) stamped on their faces. It is everybody’s wish that every corrupt person whoever he or she is must be brought to book and if found guilty must be hanged to death. But accountability must be across the board. Only then can it be unbiased, consequential and just. But the present scenario is quite different rather shameful as only the opponents are being molested and prosecuted with an obvious intention of vengeance. Others who are known corrupt and against whom many cases are sub judice but who found shelter under the umbrella of PTI have become angels. Why? because they were ‘electables’ and the establishment wanted Imran Khan to be elected as PM at any cost. So the devils-turned-angels were exonerated from all charges and accusations. Will they be excused and spared once and for all? Never. Once the establishment achieves its goal, all ‘angels’ will again be declared ‘devils’ and either be slain or put behind the bars. And that time is not far away as Imran Khan is being made to make mistakes rather blunders. Skyrocketing prices of the daily commodities and the unreasonable increase in taxes will soon lay Imran Khan in the coffin.

Sanity lies in true patriotism and fair play and not in vengeance. Hang Zardari, Nawaz and the like without any mercy if they are proved corrupt. But do the same NOW with the corrupt but influential persons who find themselves safe and unthreatened standing with the Govt. or wearing a majestic uniform.

(This post is not against any institution(s) but against the persons who are, intentionally or unintentionally, leading Pakistan to total destruction)

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