FIA KP making a difference

(Fawad Ali Shah, )

FIA is called the premier Law enforcement agency but this was never the case in the context of its KP chapter. In KP province, it was more dormant as compared to its zonal offices in other provinces. All the glory it can claim was of a very negligible value. Many mega corruption scams of government departments like customs, income tax, PESCO, NHA, Protector of Emigrants were alien to FIA KP officers. Similarly, people involved in money laundering, human trafficking and cyber crimes were roaming around under its nose but this whole scenario changed over a night after the appointment of well-reputed officers like Akhtar Hayat gandapur and Dr Mian Saeed. After assuming the zonal directorship of KP, Mr. Gandapur immediately posted Dr Mian Saeed Ahmad PSP as Incharge of the Immigration and Anti Corruption Circle Peshawar. He started putting his own house in order. All the officials with negative reputation were posted out of both circles by him. The high profile cases of NHA in which ex federal minister Amir Muqam son was not only arrested but were taken to task by FIA under Mian Saeed. All the monthly system being carried out by corrupt FIA officials were immediately dismantled. For the first time the FIA office doors are opened to general public who can approach its high ups at any time. Another important achievement that for the first time in the history Torkham border was made functional 24 hours a day in a very short span of time. Both Akhtar Hayat gandapur as Director and Dr Mian Saeed Ahmad as Additional Director immigration made the dream of Prime Minister Imran Khan a big reality. But it would be injustice not to mention the role of Director Immigration FIA HQ Islamabad Mr Nasir MehmoodSatti who is well known for his honesty and hard work. Mr Satti has a lot of great things to his credit like achieving the highest number of interception of those persons attempting to go abroad on fake documents from Pakistani Airports. He has also ensured deportation of all Pakistanis living illegally in other countries. Due to his strict monitoring, many old "Lords of Immigration" have wilfully opted for posting at other circles. The name of Nasir MehmoodSatti is a nightmare for corrupt immigration officers and human traffickers. This is a landmark act on the part of both the officers as it has enhanced Pak-Afghan relationship. In old days Peshawar Immigration was notorious for taking illegal gratification. Similarly, many people used to avoid travelling from Peshawar Airport due to the bad behaviour of FIA staff. But due to zero tolerance policy for corruption and incompetence, now international passengers are preferring Peshawar airport for best immigration services rendered by FIA. Mr Gandapur also showed no compromise on sensitive issues of human trafficking. In his short, many notorious criminals and fangs involved in this heinous crime have been busted. Although the pace of FIA's Commercial Banking Circle is not at par with Anti Corruption Circle yet Mr Gandapur is fully committed to purge the entire KP province from money launderers. No FIA official is allowed to collect monthlies from famous ChowkYadgar. Besides extending rewards and certificates to the competent and honest officers, Mr Gandapur has also initiated record number of disciplinary actions against all those FIA staff involved in corruption and corrupt practices. One wonders that if all FIA officers start performing their duties with such honesty and devotion like Akhtar Hayat gandapur, Nasir MehmoodSatti or Dr Mian Saeed Ahmad then how easily Pakistan can become a heaven for its people.

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