Indian False Claim of Kashmir Accession & its Genocidal Project

(Inshal Rao, )

In her hegemonic design India has released new version of Indian map in which Modi administration identified Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan as Indian territory which is a clear violation of international laws & UN resolutions. Such malevolent schemes can't change the truth but this is posing threat to regional peace. Since indian troops started landing at Srinagar airfield, the Jammu & Kashmir become the most militarized region of World. Kashmiri population is stern against of their presence, for keeping their immoral & forcible control Indian forces using full of force for suppression of defenceless Kashmiris. They involved in mass murder, rapes & destruction of Kashmiri communities. Indian state have given free hand to its forces for killing, systematic genocide, rapes, gang rapes, sexual assault, forcibly disappearances, detention and third degree torture of Kashmiri citizens. Indian leadership shield such horrendous crimes against humanity by garb of state sovereignty. India intervened into Kashmir on 27 Oct 1947 on the claim of restoring law & order on request of Maharaja Hari Singh while it is not true, Indian side published two letters on 28 Oct 1947 in which Maharaja sought military aid from India dated 26 Oct 1947 & acknowledgement of Lord Mountbatten dated 27 Oct 1947 noting that once the state affairs settled and law & order restored, the question of accession should be settled by reference to the people. The same was decided by United Nation that the Kashmir dispute would be settled through the wish of people through a free & fair plebiscite. When Indo-Pak war broke out which was the result of indian aggression of 27 Oct 1947, India took the matter to United Nations & this was made under article 35 of UN charter in which mediation of UN was sought & not of condemnation of Pakistan's aggression. If any sort of accession would be there then India must ask for condemnation of Pakistan instead of request for mediation under article 35. If there had been any instrument of accession then India present it in facsimile to the united nations in early 1948 as initial Indian reference to security Council the matter of the Maharaja's accession to India was not in the context, only request of restoration of peace was made. The UNSC responded to this request by passing resolution that the matter would be resolve through plebiscite only and devise a number of schemes for the restoration of law & order. These were duly set out in United Nations Resolutions which though never implemented, still remain the collective expression of the voice of the international community as to long standing Kashmir question ought to be settled. The conditions set out by the Security Council of the United Nations have not been met in any way by the subsequent internal political processes from indian side. The situation in the State of Jammu & Kashmir remains unresolved & remains a matter of international interest. After abolition of article 370 of indian Constitution the situation in the region going bad to worst, 117 day have been passed there is complete blockade, no communication, no freedom of movement, crimes of indian security forces are so horrendous that it can't be tried anywhere & instead of so much voices influential members of international community continue to ignore the gravity of indian crimes against humanity &intact with their geopolitical, economic, strategic interests. In wake of silence of international community Indian Civil & Military leaderships calling it as its internal matter & completing Genocidal Project of Kashmiris. Given the background to and terms of the original Indian reference to the Security Council it can not possibly be said that today Jammu & Kashmir is a matter of purely internal Indian concern. It is clear & crystal that Indian occupation in Kashmir is the result of World Community's silence, Indian claim of Kashmir based on false & forgery as per record there had been no any instrument of accession till March 1948. After intervening Indian Gov't published only Maharaja’s letter regarding military aid & Mountbatten's reply even in which Mountbatten himself expressed Indian policy that the matter of Kashmir would be settled by reference to people. This was communicated between Nehru to Liaquat Ali Khan Shaheed through a telegram on 28 Oct 1947 in which Jawahar L Nehru described that this was a policy with which he agreed. Now Indian side argue that Mounbatten's proposal of plebiscite was his personal which is on record it was not personal. Instrument of Accession was not published until many years later, if at all. Neither It was communicated to Pakistan at the time of overt Indian intervention in the State of Jammu & Kashmir even a series of dialogue between India & Pakistan was on record and no any such a thing was produced from Indian side, nor was it presented in facsimile to the United Nations in early 1948 as part of Indian reference to the Security Council. The 1948 White Paper in which the Government of India set out its formal case in respect to the State of Jammu & Kashmir, does not contain accession of Kashmir. Those influential members of international community who are silence over indian atrocities & huge violation of human rights in Kashmir on account of economic & strategic interests, must comeforth to implement the resolutions of UN which India would never abide as Indian influential community faith in hindutva ideology which does not believe on democratic norms & standards.

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