CAB is The Part Of Savarkar's Two Nation Theory

(Inshal Rao, )

After approval of controversial Citizen Amendment Bill, protest at large erupted in Northeast India & use of force to suppress them by Indian police worked as add fuel to fire, due to police firing two persons died & several injured which ignite the protest resulting the situation in Assam & adjoining areas deteriorated from bad to worst. BJP gov't imposed curfew in several district & shut down mobile & internet services. Millions of people protesting against hindutvatic discriminatory bill but in so called world's biggest democracy people don't have the right of protest peacefully. Situation deteriorated after police opened fire at public which left two dead & several wounded. After passage of CAB Muslims have great concerns that this would further marginalize them. BJP has roots in fascist organization RSS & believe to see India a hindu Raashtar (Hindu Nation). Since the BJP re-elected in May, this is the third major step towards India as Hindu Raashtar. In August BJP stripped the autonomy of Jammu & Kashmir, imposed curfew & shut down of communication for the maximum suppression of Kashmiris voice then Babri Mosque verdict delivered in favor of hindutva in which Indian Supreme Court given verdict to build Temple in place of Babri Mosque and now the passage of CAB which excluded about two millions Muslims from citizenship list, this is a clear picture of religious discrimination against Muslims & step forward to the notorious plan of making Muslims as second class citizen. Critics pointing out that CAB is the part of hindu supremacist agenda as Modi tweeted "the bill is in line with India's centuries old ethos of assimilation and belief in humanitarian values" which is open expression of hindutva ideologue as hindutva believe to make India a hindu nation, such ideas of declaring India as a Hindu nation and excluding Muslims but also Christians from it were further crystallized by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in his controversial book Hindutva as early as 1923. Interestingly, he was allowed to write this polarizing book despite being in the British jail. According to him "Muslims and Christians remained out of this nationhood because they did not assimilate into hindu cultural heritage or adopt hindu religion. In this Bill BJP looks on the way to most elaborated "Two Nation Theory" which was developed by originator of Hindutva VD Savarkar, the fact should not be missed that it was Savarkar who propagated Two Nation Theory long before Muslim League passed Pakistan Resolution in 1940. In 19th session Hindu Mahasabha Ahmedabad 1937 delivering presidential address Savarkar declared unequivocally "As it is, there are two antagonistic nations living side by side in India. Several infantile politicians commit the serious mistake in supposing that India is already welded into a harmonious nation, or that it could be welded thus for the mere wish to do so. These our well-meaning but unthinking friends take their dreams for realities. That is why they are impatient of communal tangles and attribute them to communal organizations, let us bravely face unpleasant facts as they are. India can not be assumed today to be a Unitarian & homogenous nation, but on the contrary there are two nations in the main the Hindus & the Muslims in India". RSS in following of VD Savarkar The RSS rejected out rightly the idea of secular India that Hindus & Muslims together constituted a nation. The most prominent ideologue of the RSS Golwalkar in his book "We or Our Nationhood Defined" decreed that "Hindustan, the land of the hindus, lives & should live the hindu nation, Consequently only those movements are truly national as aim at rebuilding, re-vitalizing and emancipating from its present stupor, the Hindu Notion". So the BJP, known political wing of RSS on the footsteps of hindutva ideologues doing the same that was sowed by guide of hindutva. Now critics & legal described CAB an attack on Indian Constitution while hindutva activist cheering it as victory & step forward to Hindu Raashtar agenda. In fact it is the violation of international laws & world human charter but the hindutva zealots have fascist ideology who dont care for any destruction of humanity. Indian human right activist H Mander expressed deep concern over hindutva's increasing fascist agenda & described it as most dangerous & destroying step to Indian state and Constitution. No doubt it is the part of global anti-Muslim polarizing agenda of RSS & BJP. Through this bill Modi Sarkar leveled accuses of persecution of minorities in Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh, further Amit Shah union home minister & defacto PM of India confessed that Muslims are not being persecuted in these three Islamic states so now it is proved that indian propaganda of denouncing bloch nationalists ethnic cleansing in Pakistan is baseless & the insurgency erupted in Pakistan was indian exported in which Kulbhoshan Jadhev caught red handed. Now hindutva zealots of BJP islamophobiacly pushing India to disaster by depriving Muslims, 20% of India and by interfering into neighboring states which would result into nuclear war.

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