Blue Eyed of Ex DG FIA getting all prize postings

(Dr. Aamir Hussain, )

FIA still seems to be in the clutches of its previous DG FIA Bashir Memon. Despite change of command the FIA officers are still showing dismay over the actions of Ex DG who had nominated his blue eyed FIA and PSP officers for Foreign postings in order to oblige them. One PSP Dr Mian Saeed Ahmed (presently posted as Additional Director FIA Crime Circle Peshawar) has been nominated for posting in Turkey as Counsellor. ButMian Saeed is himself spreading rumours into media that since he is personally conducting enquiry into BRT project at orders of Peshawar High Court so the Interior Minister is sending him abroad in order to hamper BRT enquiry. The chief justice Peshawar high court will definitely take notice of his transfer and may take action against interior ministry. Similarly Mr AsmatUllahJunejo has been selected for posting in Italy. He is the same officer who is complainant in Terrorism case against Prime minister Imran Khan during PTV attack. Mr junejo has sent his own nomination through his own letter for UN peace Mission. He also got himself nominated for Hajj mission and now he got posting at Italy. Is there no other officer except Mr Junejo. The 3rd officer nominated for UAE is Deputy Director Tariq Pervaz. He is a billionaire FIA officer. He was the one who registered case against notorious Money launderers Khanani and Kaaliya. But later got them discharged from case in lieu of huge bribe. If such tainted officer is posted in UAE then it will bring a bad name for PTI government. The interior minister should nominate officers yourself for foreign postings.

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