(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

There are various obstacles in the way to implement law in India. The large population, street crimes, religious group, Hindu extremist, bribery, discrimination, class distinction, illiteracy rate, shortage of foods, lack of housing facility, poverty and government policies are become the major factors for the violations of Human Rights in India. Ultimately, the net result is become an issue. Therefore, we said that these are the big issues in India. However, there are some immersions of agencies. The law enforcing agencies including police is creating anarchy among Hindu & Muslims unity. Moreover, on the base of religious ground to divide community is detriment factor. This factor is directly effect for the societies. It is dilemma of fall down administration in India even loss the credibility from Muslim Community.

Human Rights mean fundamental rights of the people and it does not violate any manner. Human rights are very important in each civil society. Human Rights are based on fundamental rights i.e foods, shelter, clothes, right of job, safety of life and freedom of expression. In the opposite case breach of fundamental rights is call violation of Human Rights. There are various types of Human Right violations have been observed in India. The police torture, harassment of women workers, religious extremism and class distinction are prevailing factors in India. Further classification of Human Rights violation has been observed in India i.e. assault, Rape, Murders, nude torture and creating obstacles by the police officials. Especially, some provincial governments in India are involving to violate the Human Rights. The prominent organizations are Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), and Bharatiya Janata party (BJP). The Narendra Modi is the head of RSS party. He is life member of RSS. These organizations are supervisor by the governments against the Muslims. It is dimension in the way of violation of Human Rights in India. Muslims has been losing their dignity, faith and generosity in India.

Recently, the Citizenship Act has amended by the India Parliament is the worse example of discrimination on religious ground. No Muslims especially, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh to grant Nationality or citizenship in India. As far as concerned Muslims growth rate in India are creating fear among Hindu leaders. The constitution of India is U/A (21) is protecting the Human Rights of the people. The law enforce Agency is not properly adhering constitution of India. It is indicating weakness of the administration in India as well dismayed the people confidence.

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