Was Molana Tariq Jamil Wrong?

(Salman Baig, )

What did he say the wrong that displeased the media lords?
Mohammad Anwar Baig
Member (RIPC).
Last day, Molana Tariq Jamil while in a campaign launched by a media house and the PM for having more funds for the deprived and the suffering(wrongly) alleged the media lords and displeased the major segment of the media who are running the information, education and the communication networking in Pakistan.

Molana Tariq Jamil was of the opinion that we the mankind are being accounted by the Allah because of our collective deeds almost based on cheat, fraud, lying, dishonesty, grabbing, sexual abuses, violation of human rights,women rights, children rights, denied access to justice to the poor and the common almost quite afferent and apposite to the orders of the Allah openly said in the Quran to follow to become the beneficiary or face the loss or the accountability.

He said it in a routine practicing he used to say many times in his lectures including on the PTV,among the advocates,the business communities,the religious scholars, the youth,the women and many more. If we go through the investigations on his allegations we might not find him wrong and not proving him the wrong doing along with his allegations with comparing statements of our overall crimes rates in the society.

If we had a model society we did not have had such a crimes rates and jails filled with thousands of people. We did not have had a Mundi Mafia that loots the poor worth billions per day per city.

We did not say that the Pakistan is the alone country perhaps in the world where the Muslims loot their fellow brothers worth billions in the month of holy Ramadan and are never ashamed or apologizing where as in the non Muslim countries many items used for the Muslims in the holy month are reduced in prices.

He also said that we must not challenge the dying Corona Virus that has eaten more than 1.50 millions so far and the number of the caught people is more than 0.9 millions along with speedy increase.

Just after one day breaking the majority of the media lords took it serious and managed a fixed programme to catch the Molana Jamil on the same statement to explain how and why he did allege the media lords by branding them as the liar.

Molana Tariq Jamil is a sensible man so he knew it very well that he will not be able to face the media lords who are the second largest power to camouflage the things into good or the bad with ifs and buts.
So, Molana Tariq Jamil openly confessed it his mistakeand apologized the nation along with the media lords and winded up the long story so to avoid the long term debates on who is who.
Mohammad Malik a renounced journalists was of the opinion that the media lords were badly injured, hurt and insulted with the branded statement of the Molana Tariq Jamil along with Mohammad Malik Hamid Mir also looked like to flash it but he could not proceed it further since Malik finished it posing his generosity on the issue.

The question is whether the allegations on the media lords and the nation were true and justified or were just a blame game we usually do at the media for the political engineering.
Should we believe that the media lords who have sacked thousands of their workers denying their wages and other lawful rights were right,honest,fair,free and transparent in their activities while dealing and deciding the matters and the issues so these were not discussed nor reported neither debated because of being the true,honest,fair,free and transparent.
Butt those who used to use their powers and (budmashi) wickedness including fake FIRs against their poor workers and used to beating and making them rounded on demanding their salaries and other wages or the rights were true and the honest and be considered as the saints.

And those who used their powers to open guns on their workers on demanding the salaries and other lawful rights covered in the employment packages were right and be considered as the saint.

And those who own and have properties worth billions on the main Murree road had the resources and the sources to have those very worthy properties and be considered as the saints.

And those who own plots more than 1.2.3 in different places having the titles of the media were the true and the honest and be considered as the saint.

And those who have got plots more than one in the media town being the son and the father,the father and the daughter,the brother and the brother are the honest and be considered as the saints. And those who still have their families there in the media town posing as the sky-tented, shelter less and the needy so to be given the plot to have the shelter be considered as the honest and the saint.

And those who have had and have still the properties worth billions (12 krore) for one house in the twin city were the true to have the plots while denying their fellow journalists having no shelter and be considered as the honest and the saints.

And those who own the rights to deal and decide the matters of the media town,a government land (1600 kanals) worth 12 billions,converted into a private housing society in the name of an illegal entity(NPC) are the honest and be considered as the saints since they had been in love with the CM Punjab,Shahbaz Sharif. And those who still denying the(wage broad) wages and the other lawful rights of the media workers since last 20 years and twisting their powers in the court of law are the honest and be considered as the saints.
So if these allegation are not answered in yes or denied in no what is wrong if the media lords are called as the media mafia and the big looters of the public taxes.And if the media lords had ever the courage they would have one programme on the dying media workers scoring more than 200 with no say,no herd,no counting.

So, it proves that the media lords have one and a specific agenda to just protect the rights and the interests of the their factories and damn caring for the dying or the sacked media workers and their families,kids.

Was it justified that such in a brutal conditions of the media workers we can say the media lords are true and be considered as the true and fighting for the common cause so to reject and deny the allegations raise by Molana Tariq Jamil or many more who have filled the Facebook or the twitters or other media facilities along with their photographs never denied or rejected so far neither took to the court of law to have claimed the defamation damages worth billions.

Now let us have a look at the other burning issues especially the Mundi Mafia that loots the poor worth billions per day per city with having loved affairs with the district management and the district judiciary, established to have managed the CPI at affordable conditions rather let the traders to looting the poor free of any accountability.

And the last who have been defending the looters and the grabbers and the mafia that sold the Pakistan, put the country into a Grey Listing along with debt of more than 80 billions and making the poor the shudders at home, dragging the majority up to 40% to the poverty lines were all the true and be considered as the saints so what did say the Molana Tariq Jamil wrong that displeased the media lords?,Continued….


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