KP Police Playing Hide and Seek with Judiciary

(Syed Fawad Ali Shah, )

Corruption has become an integral part of our body politic and a cancerous malaise of our “national character.” It was this realization that the nation voted for the “slogan of change” of PM Imran Khan, supported and coined by the strongest military establishment. Unfortunately, the drive of anti-corruption is becoming a laughing stock as old corrupt cases are slowed down, hushed up or seriously weakened by legal manipulation, and the new corrupt practices know no limits because the corrupt mafia have become bold after the fate of mega scandals as the one in question discussed hereafter as an example of our lethargy, connivance and misuse of state authority of “an intelligence agency”: for the benefit of those high officials who are involved in the seven billion scam of Arms and Ammunitions, fraudulently bought for KP Police during the ANP government, leading to the deaths and injuries of thousands of policemen by using sub-standard weapons and shields while fighting against the militants during the war on terror.When the mega scam was unearthed and a number of inquiries held, the NAB, KP took a great step by arresting the then IGP Malik Naveed Khan and raiding his 40- Kanal house at Jaghra, a Peshawar suburb. The second important arrest was that of the then Budget officer of IG- office, Javed, who is now facing an enquiry for Rs. 150 million detected assets beyond legal means and from whom Rs. 40 million were recovered along with costly pistols and vehicles. The spectacular development of NAB, KP was the winning over of the contractor, Majeed& Sons as approver who has committed to honestly disclose the whole melodrama of seven billion corruption scam and provide all money trail, including the return of Rs. 120 million as a part of his conditional pardon. Mr. Majeed, the bonafide approver, has disclosed succinctly the role of Budget officer Javed, who took Rs. 460 million from him, Rs. 360 million payment to the then IGP, Malik Naveed, Rs. 200 million paid to one Ali Raza, for GhazanHoti, the brother of the then CM, KP Amir HaiderHoti, Rs. 65 lacs taken by a PSP officer, and Rs. 200 million paid to the Advisor to the CM, KP, Sayed Niaz Ali Shah. The accused accomplices, Ali Raza, GhazanHoti, and Niaz Ali Shah returned the looted money through theAccountability Court, as part of plea-bargain, rendering them illegible for any public office for ten years. The PSP officer, however returned the money as voluntary return (VR), making him liable for serious repercussions in light of the newly announced policy for compulsory retirement. Two military officers, Col. Asif and a major of the Ordnance Factory of Pak Army returned Rs. 75 and 65 lacs respectively for false promise of closing the NAB enquires, through their contacts, and who faced strict actions from the GHQ.The GHQ also took action against a few military officers for giving verification certificates falsely for the low quality weapons and equipment. The GHQ timely action made some recovery which was handed over to the NAB, KP, and also resulted in the dismissal and demotion of the accused officers and their seniors for lack of supervision. The revelation of the contractor, Majeed& Sons is a heart-breaking story of how corruption has spread like a cancer in our politics, civil and other departments.On the other hand, the role of the judiciary is not satisfactory, and below the expectations of the general public, media, civil society and lower ranks of KP Police who all suffered in terms of their lives and the lives of their near and dear, besides a decade long poorly fought War on Terror due to this seven billion corruption scandal. Media, time and again, attracted the attention of the judiciary not to grant bail to the main accused, all senior police officers, and not to remove their names from the ECL. Sadly, to say, all major culprits got bails from the learned PHC and also got their names off the ECL, so the mega scam is seriously weakened, as they are free and sitting on high posts to manipulate and influence the investigation. Even the attitude of the Accountability Court is not justice- friendly to conclude the case on merit and put a barricade to the delaying tactics of the highly- priced lawyers who have no feelings for the miseries of the public and police force, but who are prolonging the case for their exorbitant fee. The public and justice demand the Honourable Chief Justice of learned PHC, to order the arrest of all the accused and conclude the case by the Accountability Court. The KP, NAB should also stop discrimination against the poor accused as only Malik Naveed and Javed have their assets enquiry, why not the other co-accused? The learned CJ, PHC should also seek the NAB explanation on this point.
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