Pak-KSA Loosing Faith

(Sami Halepoto, Hyderabad, Sindh)

India's fierce and illicit activities in Kashmir and scratching Article 370, disavowal it's exceptional status and forcing Curfew on fifth August has finished its one year. Imran Khan professed to be see himself as a represetative of mistreated Kashmiris on an absolute first day of the check in time and no uncertainty he brought his voice up in each universal gathering including United Nations General Assembly against these unlawful activities and deployment of 9 Lacs troops in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Presently Finally It's been a year finished however People of Kashmir didn't perceive any constructive criticism from the UNO and other International people group. On fifth August 2020 while praising the solidarity day with Kashmiris Imran Khan again raised his voice and choose to include authoritatively the region of IOK into Pakistan's Political Map. After this, Today Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mehdood Qureshi gave a tremendous explanation with respect to the Policy and backing of OIC on Kashmir Issue. While Talking to one Of the television show at Ary News. He said We lamentably are not happy with the conduct of the OIC, they're nt paying attention to Kashmiri's issue increasingly more significantly the main State of OIC Saudi Arabia isn't been seeing as a strong state for us on the Kashmir issue and if Saudi Arabia won't change it's conduct we would move forward without Saudi Arabia on the Kashmir Issue and maybe Pakistan will leave the OIC coalition. He Further expressed that OIC will free a solitary Nuclear partner from its rundown on the off chance that it still not remain with us on Kashmir debate. Before giving these modest articulation our unfamiliar priest should turn the pages of history where he will perceive how Pakistan turned into a nuclear state? The reality we weren't more fit for become the Atomic state exclusively unquestionably its simply was a fantasy frequently for us on that time . It's Saudis who got us out. At the second summit of the OIC in Lahore 1974, Bhutto disclosed to Saudi King Shah faisal that since the Isreal and Indian activity bombs were intended to scare the Muslim world there ought to be a pressing requirement for an Islamic atomic bomb and Pakistan can make and it need some attractive measure of cash to begin the atomic program . King Faisal apparently consented to give money in return to promise that Islamabad's atomic program would from this time forward give a security umbrella to Saudi Arabia against Isreal and other Infidel states and after that when the opportunity had arrived for nuclear test in 1998 , PM Nawaz Sharif vowed KSA to support them on the off chance that they would endure monetary approvals by US because of the atomic tests. Again King Abdullah consented to helped Pakistan monetarily and conceded 150,000 oil barrels for every day with free of charge, lastly his motion secured Sharif's choice to continue with tests in the Chagai Hills of Balochistan. Riyadh's concessions to Pakistan assisted with assuaging some degree the effect of authorizations on it by the U.S and the European Union. After these tremendous kindness KSA even in 2018 gave 3$ Billion loan to Pakistan in which yesterday 2$ Billion were paid back of by Pakistan with the assistance of China. Acquiring loan from one country an offered it to another will only create distance in Pak- KSA relationship.

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