People of Pakistan

(Tayyab, Lahore)

Tha beautiful country “PAKISTAN”came into being in 14 August 1947.Many people have died for its “Freedom” because they wanted to live their lives according to the rules of ISLAM.They had faced a lot of difficulties and miseries for the separate piece of land with the struggle of our Great Leader QUAID E AZAM MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH this difficult and wonderful dream has come true but he didn’t alive for a long time.He had been died after one year of creation of Pakistan and thus we have divided, which Consequences that plentyful problems occupy us.

But my topic is about the people of Pakistan.Above lines are just a formality to fulfill the commitment which we have done with this country at the time of “Freedom Movement” and this also remind us that what we were and what we are.....? It is the biggest truth of our history thou we talk about progressed, prosperous country and we have strategy for it but don’t act upon.....

This is the reason that Our Pakistan is like this because nobody care about his/her country whenever we say something about Politics people get started to say “what are you talking leave this topic and talk something else”.This the dilemma of our youth we have accepted this as society we do not work for common purpose we are shattered... I don’t know who were those people whoso ready to die for their beloved country and they left their houses, business.

And Today the situation is totally different because we are divided into many “Sects”. No one talks about Pakistan....! But when cricket match has been playing between Pakistan and India a variant zeal has showed by Pakistani people on this event we recall that we are Pakistani I must say that our people have much enthusiasm,skill,wit but the deficiency of mentorship....

You would say that I am just pointing out fault of Pakistani people...! No it’s not like that I am not opposed of Pakistani people I am also a “PAKISTANI” And I proud to be PAKISTANI but I feel so hurt to see that we were the “Shaheen” Of “IQBAL” And now “Shaheen” Are forget that how to FLY in strom we have forgot the real meaning of “IDEOLOGY OF PAKISTAN”.

With this prospect
May we can make ourselves IQBAL’s “SHAHEEN” One more time and ALLAH Gives more courage to our people (Amen)

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