14th August Day of Freedom?

(Sami Halepoto, )

For a long time, as August 14 drew closer, there was an abnormal frenzy, as the day of autonomy attracted to a nearby, a progression of forced disappearance started, which proceeded for an enormous scope.

Since the time Pakistan got free, we have never commended autonomy collectively and the purpose behind this, is the different ideological reiteration of us all. Who separated all of us into castes, races, dialects and societies after the demise of the Founding Father of Pakistan? For what reason was just a single Province permitted to lead the entire of Pakistan and at whose demand the remaining of the provinces were not given the rights that should be given to them under the 1940's Resolution?

Whose hands were behind them? For what reason did Bengalis separate from us? For what reason do Baloch, Sindhi, Pathan despite everything have all the earmarks of being rebels today, and who are the individuals who are seen planting this disdain among us? Many individuals have expounded a ton on it and to a huge degree they have been uncovered yet nobody has ever attempted to stop them. Why not? What's more, nobody despite everything has an answer with regards to when this arrangement will end. We have not had the option to discover an answer concerning why the dissidents are being blamed for conspiracy without approaching them the purpose behind the uprising. We made such conditions in Bengal and therefore we lost an enormous piece of Pakistan. Presently, We should need to get out from of every one of these things, The claims are made against one another over the most recent 73 years of history must be halted, everybody must be given equivalent rights. On the off chance that we don't do this today, this nation may self-destruct tomorrow. Let us accept that the Generals who forced Martial laws in nation, didn't annihilate the principal rights and fundamental frameworks of majority rule government, yet You ought to likewise acknowledge that Fatima Jinnah, Bhutto, GM Syed, Bacha Khan, Akbar Bugti, Manzoor Pushtin are not the backstabbers, let it be known they were rebels. To be sure in the wake of doing this with large heart, adherents of their belief systems devotees will one day grasp you and remain with you in the worldwide tricks against the nation. We are the main country on the planet that despiteeverything doesn't have an accord on date of Independence Day. Somebody needs to state that we were freed on the 15th of August yet praising opportunity on this date isn't fitting in light of the fact that on this date our foeneighbouring nation India picked up freedom. For what reason don't the expressions of antiquarians with such basic and genuine reasoning compose anything to make us a country?

The historical backdrop of Muslim nations has been that they have been hurt by more interior approaches, from outside and even today the safeguarding armed force of our Muslim nation is dealing with the outer issues well. however, it appears to have neglected generally in the inner issues. Note that the abductions forcefully this time around are pointed exclusively to expel Pakistan from the (FATF) Financial Action Task Force Globally from the Grey list. This may appear to be something worth being thankful for, however inside it is offering ascend to more agitators in the nation. Because of the delicate inner circumstance, we are isolated and out of the race of the world. The state should esteem and tune in to the perspectives on the individuals as opposed to naming them as Traitors. At the point when we consider showing the Enemy's Children (Dushman k Bachon ko Padhana h) in the melody made on the outing of suffering of APS youngsters,

When we can give genuine traitors like Raymond Davis and Kulbushan Yadav access to the councils then for what reason wouldn't we be able to get the upheld disappearances to bring in state's courts? Are our own people considerably more prominent tricksters then them? What's more, on the off chance arising the questions is consider to be conspiracy in this country, at that point maybe all the critical thinkers and basic scholars individuals in Pakistan are Backstabbers and lamentably this bad form is presently expanding step by step. So the best way to stop this disloyalty is to give everybody the right to Ask question. Along these lines On this day of autonomy, we should indeed consider why we are as yet not free and when will we at long last be free in our own country?

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