Silence on Kashmir will be death of hope

(Mehr Ispahani, )

Wajeeha Bilal

The other day while going through an article that brought the attention towards silence of most of the writers on the issue of Kashmir, I realized that it only raised the questions that it was too weak to answer. Using silence for people who aim to raise their voice, defies the precepts of logic. Are we really as convicted of this crime as claimed by some? Writers are definitely complex but not silent. Our service to the system of humanity is a creative challenge to capture the struggles of our fellow people in an accent that transcends common literature.

Children in Kashmir are being progressively exposed to brutality – a fact that has infested the region for decades. The lockdown that stripped off Kashmir’s special status, and then restrictions on movement to prevent the coronavirus has taken a toll on Kashmir’s society and people. Their life is molded by a sense of oppression and negativity.Severance in formal schooling, controlled opportunities to socialize and devious agendas are leading to a rise in miseries and mental problems among the Kashmiri children. It is not possible to witness these crimes with sinful silence. It makes us guilty to sit silently in our living rooms while watching horrible news and atrocities committed against unarmed human beings. The daily news of our oppressed brothers and sisters triggers a haunting realization of helplessness. It instills an urge within ourselves to make a difference through our words or actions. Kashmir continues to bleed and witnessing its pain with a shameful silence can only mean the death of hope for humanity. Houses are being burnt, young men killed and innocent children tormented with painful memories for life.

The excuse for silence and inaction lies in the inability to be strong enough to raise a voice. For every Pharaoh there is a Moses (AS), for every Yazid there is Hussain (RA) and for every evil that rises in the society there is a mightier hope that must rise from within us, ourselves. Only crying over the sufferings of fellow humans will not solve the problems, for they survive in the hope that the people watching their news will raise their voice for them. Our hearts bleed with sorrow and we want to make a difference for the oppressed, that goes beyond the limits of logic and words. News and media are filled with such brutal accounts but they cannot kill our spirits when there is bound to be resistance through our thoughts, words and actions. We appeal for peace in the region of Jammu and Kashmir, which has lived in conflict for as long as we can remember.

The main issues children are facing in the region currently are violence and lack of education. If there was no awareness and check by the people who stood with the right, this earth would have been an abode of mischief. Following the right requires that we stand unanimous in creating awareness and exposing any ideology that aims at breaking that thread. A tyrant is a tyrant, a crime is a crime and abuse is an abuse whether physical or verbal, there is no how and why to it, and we stand against it.

In the post-corona world, a new order may be in the making where humanity will be respected with compassion and empathy. Being silent over Kashmir is undeniably sinful only if we choose to do so. Whenever we stand against the wrong, we issue an indictment against the domination of silence, reminding us all of our responsibility to voice the rightful cause. Witnessing crime in silence is a mute agreement that is signed with oneself to jerk off any responsibility. We can always create a difference in this world through our thoughts, words, beliefs and actions. If only we would stand together in awareness against the felonious acts, then justice and human kindness would surely triumph over cruelty and crime.

Abu Sa’id al-Khudri reported: The Messenger of Allah, Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him, said, “Whoever among you sees evil, let him change it with his hand. If he is unable to do so, then with his tongue. If he is unable to do so, then with his heart, and that is the weakest level of faith.”Staying in shadows and crying in silence does not resonate with our true nature. Whether we are aware of it or not we are not without voices. Then why think, reason, speak, write or even live, if not for some profound purpose. Our words have the power to trigger a movement of empathy that is contagious beyond its direct reader.

Silence is cheap, words speak louder and actions louder still. Writing is a sign of respect and homage that we pay to those whose pain we feel but cannot cope with. We think, write and speak in honor for those who endured unjustly. It's not silence in any form but shows strength of words for our brothers and sisters whose lives we wish to change. Our purpose is fulfilled when our words have stirred reason and stood with the oppressed.Think, write, speak or work – we do what we can; we stand against oppression and in solidarity with the Kashmiris.

(Wajeeha is author of “The Conscious Ego”, “The Beautiful Present” and runs a blog on “A PURPOSEFUL LIFE”)

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