The Lasting Impact of Pakistan Idea

(Mehr Ispahani, )

Wajeeha Bilal

Throughout history, philosophers have debated over the reality of this world. Some have stated that the only things that are real are the ones that we can see, or touch and thus, sensory recognition is the only reality, while others have suggested that nothing is real, everything is a form of deception. Sooner or later, we all accept that every concept like space, time and energy are created by us to define the actions of the things that exist around us.

The great philosopher Plato stated that the concept is important to understand an idea and ideas are the eventual realities. What is the ultimate reality of the world? Rene Descartes, a French philosopher, believed that ideas are the concepts in his philosophy that containedimpartial reality in theirnature.

Ideas exist prior to things and are independent of them. Ideas are unity in multiplicity that act as the initial point of knowledge. When ideas are set to be formed, then all they require to come in full existence is the exercise of will and work by those who plan to enforce its existence. Ideas are the realities of the world and this world is a mere reflection of ideas. People and things of the world participate in ideas once they have laid the conceptual image of it. Ideas are forceful in existence to the extent they have been put forth by their creators.

An idea is always that it leads to the ultimate truth. A group of men determined to create a separate homeland for their people came up with the idea that was based on the Two-Nation Theory. Quaid-i-AzamMohammad Ali Jinnah who was joined by the leaders of All India Muslim League addressed the gathering on a fresh spring day in 1940, at Minto Park near BadshahiMosque. Acknowledging the idea and laying down the foundation of this idea through a demand for Pakistan, the Lahore Resolution was supported by all major Muslim leaders of the time.

Ideas have the power to change the course of history and those that are raised with strong voices have the power to change the world maps and still those that are strengthened by the sacrifices of its people have the courage to rise as independent states. Strong empires have been broken due to the lack of belief yet small ideas have lived on to stand on the map as independent nations because they were believed by strong men of history. An idea survives once it is believed, and once we accept the idea, we become the means of their promulgation.

The idea of Lahore Resolution, signed on 23rdMarch, became the basis on which the endeavour for Pakistan was built. The place where the believers of the nation once stood, created a platform representing the idea and concept that Muslims are a separate nation, emphasizing that a nation is distinguished from the other, based on religionand traditions. The idea for the establishment of a separate nation faced criticism and resistance from other parties but the determined political struggle for this idea continued by strong willed people, which led to the establishment of a separate state.“With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.”

The idea of including Muslim majority states into an identity of unity came to be implemented, through the turbulence of a bloody partition and the pressures of mass migration, eventually laying down the first steps of its existence that experienced great resistance from every side. Pakistan was created as a witness to the idea of the Two-Nation Theory and exactly 81 years after the Pakistan Resolution was passed, it still stands bearing witness to that idea.“Pakistan…was the only just, honourable, and practical solution of the most complex constitutional problem of this great subcontinent. Let us now plan to build and reconstruct and regenerate our great nation...”, said the Quaid.

But what comes after birth, achievement and existence? Plato’s follower Aristotle contradicted the idealized essence of an object, saying that ideas are posterior, not prior to things. According to him ideas are false beliefs that do not define the life of this physical world. What decides an object, or a being is its experience with the passage of time. The essence of an object is not separate but a part of its identity and existence. Understanding that one’s identity shines through experience and the life that is lived, paves the way for a hopeful desire to survive against all odds. These ideas that are developed through experience shape the fate of entire civilizations, to challenge these is to challenge the foundation of these civilizations and how their lives are shaped.

Pakistan achieved independence from colonial rule on 14thAugust 1947. After nine years of its independence, first constitution was enforced on 23rdMarch 1956. This day also signifies the endorsement of the country’s first constitution and its revolution as a democratic state. However, the goals of its idea soon met with the realities that challenged its existence. The story of Pakistan and its experience is interwoven with the story of its founders’ struggle against the resistance towards achieving freedom.The Pakistan Movement is engravednot only in its foundation but daily struggles as well. Pakistan’s life has been defined by policies that aim to capture the ideals of an Islamic state. Since its birth, it has been struggling for prosperity and fighting the wars that challenge its vision of existence.

Like a strong survivor and warrior, as Pakistan swayed from one crisis to the next, its image and experience matured into a strong purpose to prove its identity. Throughout its experience, Pakistan remained an enduring image of an independent idea. No matter the troubles whether big or small, from within or outside, our country stands as a true experience of independent ideas. The beauty of all this is that we all get the chance to play some part to some extent in defining the idea of our own country.No matter where we go or where we are, our own existence represents the idea of the country we belong to.

The human imagination and actions can play a tremendous role in laying the foundations of an idea or holding the idea of existence through an experience. When we imagine the impossible, philosophies seem useless, and nature is unable to deal with it. For a country that was impossible to be imagined at one time, the idea of Pakistan to exist against all odds is an extraordinary story that deserves to be told. Pakistan’s daily struggles reflect on the repressed opportunities available to itsgeostrategic position for fighting against terrorism and uprisings. Pakistan has been there for decades and it is there to stay.

Whether the ideas have been defined before its creation or the idea of its existence yet stands to be proven, these ideas are a witness to its existence that is there to stay. Its existence and survival rests above all other ideas and limitations, for to deny the idea of its existence would mean a war against all those who had and still do what they can to stand with Pakistan.“There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan.”

(Wajeeha is author of two books)

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