Why UN Remained Silent

(Shahbaz Munawar Kazmi, Mianwali)

Once first Asian and UN’s third Secretary General U Thant said. “The United Nations born of the charter has done well, but it has not done well enough”.

No doubt, United Nation helps to maintain peace and prosperity world wide. It has maintained its main goal till now that is to avoid large scale war. It helped to avoid direct armed conflict even during the most peacelees years of cold war when the tensions between superpowers were at its peak. It has assisted 1000 millions people to gain independence. It fought against colonialism, discrimination and racism in all its form. It has looked far into the future , warning nations and men of world wide dangers ahead. It has help local conflicts from turning into world wide conflagrations. A scholar says “The United Nations has chiefly played the role of forum for the international exchange of opinions”. More than this , different agencies of UN worked for Education, Justice ,Food, Agriculture and Health. Indeed ,it is a momentous organization.

But it has not been able to fulfil the objectives its founding fathers had desired for and has not really discharged its function in a manner in which a world organization is expected to execute its activities. UNO don’t take actions against the big power and big power are free to do as they like. . A great power does not follow rules set by others. Great power like the United States will not be bound by the laws of an international institute. The US government paid little attention to international politics and attacked Iraq in 2003 without The approval of UN Security Council. President Bush and allies decided to invade because Domestic politics demanded so at the time .This goes to show that United States considers the UN No more than a platform for the member states to arbitrate, not a body authority, especially Over itself.

UN always remained silent against the Israelis when they were driving out the Arabs from their homeland . The UN wasn’t able to take any steps against the Jews in the Arabs because they were patronized by United States. Big powers always sheltered and protected their favorites. 3,601 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces and over 100,000 injured during the decade. In 2019, Israeli forces killed 135 Palestinians, mostly by air-launched explosive weapons or live ammunition: 108 were killed in the Gaza Strip and 27 in the West Bank .Pain and Pathos in every corner . Recently, Palestinians of Jerusalem and West Bank are forced to evacuate their houses where they have lived for generations. The Zionist state of Israel wants to evict them and hand over their properties to settler. How this is possible that UN is unaware of all this. Hellish behavior with the Palestinians demands justice. Why “ peacekeeper” remains silent on the violations of human rights? History would have been different if UN had taken a firm stand against the Israelis.

Likewise, Kashmir is another example where oppression was at its peak and UN had done nothing Complete lockdown. Communication and media blackout. People were unable to go to mosques. Indian military arrested the Youth of Kashmir who raised their voice against barbarity and brutality . Fear erupted in the minds of people. Humiliation and mortification of the precious souls. The violations of human rights continued and “Peacekeeper” remained silent. Kashmir was snatched away from us and UN didn’t bother to intervene. Alas!

Afghanistan has been suffering since 2001. Physical ,mental and emotional loss . No one there to help them . Peace seems a word unknown to them. Fear everywhere. A place devoid of peace. Social and economic chaos everywhere. A place not worth living. It seems like justice deceased. UN directly and indirectly supported USA and not Afghanistan. UN interest seems attach to USA Just because they can’t go Against US? The “peacekeeper “ seen nowhere and UN remained silent spectator.

Over the years the US and UN have worked together on many occasions. With peacekeeping duties In Africa the UN has led and the US supported. On the other hand, the US has led and the UN Supported it during the 1950s in Korea and 1990s in the Middle East. The United States more than Any other country, after World War II, established a system of multilateralism and international Society through the UN .Within the most important organ of the UN, that is the Security Council, The US has always held a great sway .

It seems like privilege five veto powers are like drivers of a bus and other members are just Passengers. Drivers can drive the way they like. They can turn it around, They can speed up and they can stop the bus. They are all in all. Most of the military actions under UN flag have been carries out when big powers have approved and given consent for it. For example ,the American forces and their allies landed in time when Iraq attacked Kuwait because they knew that a lot was on store for them. Same has been the case in Somalia, Haiti ,Panama and so on. However on the other hand big power are the least interested in the areas where their interests are not served like Palestine, Afghanistan and Bosnia and Kashmir.

Things can be improved . United Nations can be improved in a different ways. Article 2(1) of the UN Charter guarantees the sovereign equality of all its members. But we know that supreme powers belongs to VETO. The Veto power of the big five in the security council should be important decisions should be taken by simple majority. There should also reforms in composition of Security Council. Asia accounts for majority of the world population has only one permanent seat, Africa and South America have no permanent seat, while Europe holds two permanent seats . This is also unfair. Moreover experts of all member states should make a critical appraisal containing suggestions to improve and streamline the organization. Things will be back on track when there will be equality for all the members of United Nations.

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