Nations Without Strong Armies

(Shahbaz Munawar Kazmi, Mianwali)

Internal and external defense is the basic necessity of every nation. The citizens of a nation don’t feel save and secure if the country don’t have a strong defense. The country will be at the risk of terrorists and threats . We do believe that there are 14 countries with no armed forces at all but they are small island states . They have a patron of some kind for emergencies. Samoa, for example, has a treaty with New Zealand if they get into trouble. Strong nation have strong armies. The weaker will be the defense , the more chances for a country to be attacked by the rivals.

Mohammad PBUH had a strong possession for his defense. Prophet Mohammad PBUH had 9 swords, a quiver, 6 bows, 5 Spears, 7 pieces of armor a helmet and several shields. He was wearing stitched clothes, living in a hut, eating simple food but one thing that is strong is his defense. The prerequisite lesson is defense is most important of all.

One pathetic event of history is Siege of Baghdad. It happened in 1258 under Helagu Khan that lasted for 13 days. Mongols having military of 120,000 to 150,000 against 50,000 Abbasid destroyed mosques, palaces and hospitals. 36 public libraries were torn apart and Tigris river ran red from the blood of scientists and philosophers. Al Mustasim was the caliph of Abbasid Empire that time and Muslims have their golden age at their peak and then suddenly Mongols shatters everything. There was destruction everywhere but Nothing was more painful than the words of Helagu Khan that he utters to Al- Mustasim. He said “ You have so much gold and jewels but you haven’t spending on making a bigger Army.

In present world, There is chaos everywhere in Middle East. Palestine is still struggling to get peace ,plenty and prosperity .One of the main reason may be lacking of army. In 2017, the strength of Palestine Liberation Army is 6000 against the 17th best Israeli army in the world. 20.46B $ was the defense Budget of Israel in 2019 . Palestinian using stones for their defense in front of the one of the best countries with strong defense. Why Palestine is still not finding land for their residence? Is this all just because they are lacking a army for their defense?

Look at the most powerful nations in the world are USA , China , Russia , India ,Germany ,France and Japan. They are strong because they are spending more in their defense. Defense budget of USA is 686.1 B $,China is 178 B$, Russia $65.1billion. Most powerful nations know the most important thing is nation defense from inside and outside threats.

Furthermore, There is power rivalries between USA and China. On of the main factor to determine the super power is to see who has the strongest army. Army makes one nation super power. Talking about 2 super power USA and China. Come to military, active and reserve personnel of USA is 1,281,900 and 811,000 respectively. And China’s active and reserve personnel are 2,300,000 and 8,000,000 respectively. China is dominating in case of active and reserve personnel, tanks, total artillery, soft propelled artillery, rocket artillery, fighter aircrafts, Frigates, Corvettes and submarine over USA. While USA is dominating in armored fighting vehicles, multirole aircraft, attack aircraft, helicopter, destroyers and aircraft carrier over China.

Talking about Pakistan, defense Budget was 1289 billion in 2020. Pakistan spends 2.86 percent on defense. People are criticizing that we are spending too much on defense. If we don’t spend on defense then siege of Lahore can occur as it happen in 1258 in Baghdad. Mohammad PBUH had a ordinary style of living but extraordinary defense. If Pakistan is strong today , the one of the main reason may be having a strong army. We have different enemies in our surrounding and far flung regions . why we are save today? Why no one dare to attack us like they attack Palestine? Why nations like Israel and India are also afraid to be our rivals. The reason may be that we have 10th strongest army in the world. We are strong and save because our defense is strong.

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