The political Solution of Balochistan Issue

(Farooq Ahmad Marri, Kohlu)

The Baluchistan province of Pakistan, located at the crossroads of South Asia, Central Asia and Middle East is geopolitically and economically an important region of the country, home to much of the country’s energy supplies and one of its most unstable place. In the post independence period it has hardly seen stability, with one conflict after the other shattering any chance of normality.The province has been in the grip of a bloody insurgency for nealry one and a half decade in near past.

There are Multiple factors behind these disturbances, Like deprivation of people from their own resources by federating authorities, proxies of neighbours and shifting regional paradigms are always cited as some driving forces. Moreover use of aggression from powerful elements of state to crush the violence has created a dystopian situation with the province’s people craving political freedom, social rights and a true provincial autonomy

In the previous week Premier IK,s Indication of dialogues with disgruntled Baloch leadership once again threw a light on the spot. There is a continuous debate about seriousness and sincerity of higher authorities. Once professor Noam Chomsky said “If you want to build something, You build the basis for it.This is a positive gesture and good Move from IK but lamentably continuous failures and past experiences present a dismal picture of the situation.

In 2015 Balouch nationalist Dr Abdul Malik Balouch the then CM of Province also took such initiatives, he being one of the most experienced and sane politician, by keeping his nationalist ideologies background and non violent approach of parliamentary politics he was the most appropriate choice for it. He convinced almost top insurgent figures for table talks but the power centres of Islamabad refused and thwarted all such attempts

Baluchistan issue is of political in nature, there for it has to be resolved on political grounds. If the federal and provincial governments are really concern for a peaceful settlement, They will have to obtain an NCO from concerned stake holders of country. Second important thing, The government should also engage top political leadership of Baluchistan particularly Mainstream political parties, the appointment of a single MNA as an advisor may couldn’t produce significant results. To negotiate with with separatist leaders government should take on board political leaders of their stature like sardar Akhter Mengal, Dr Abdul Malik Balouch and Nawabzada Gazain Marri. A federal committee should be framed, consisting on members from both sides treasury and opposition benches.The longterm solution of any Arms conflict is negotiation, therefore keeping in view changing external dynamics the solution of Baluchistan issue is the need of hour. A political solution and peaceful Baluchistan can ensure the implementation of CPEC projects more precisely, reduce state security expenditures and surely it will open new gateways for the progress of province. Along with negotiations, efforts should be made to alleviate the deprivations through development projects by the federal government. The announcement of Prime Minister’s 730 plus billion for the development programs is a welcome thing, but the important point here is-announced projects should be implemented in a transparent manner, corruption must be crubed.

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