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Mango Politics or Diplomacy


I have amazed to listening mango politics in Pakistani culture. Somehow, it is true in general sense. However, it is ridicules to hear from our politician the inflation rate are not controllable. This government is dropping petrol bombs again and again without solid justification. Before going into detail I elaborate one thing here that mango politics is carry on each corner of Pakistan and India. The comedian creating jokes on mango politics and spreading. Pak-Indo history is very much clear in this regard. The politician do nothing that’s why they are seating in National as well as Provincial Assembly and they are feels pride call MPA or MLP or Player of Mango politics (PMP). The vision of some politician is not clear whether they are in favour of Pakistan or India. These leaders are prominently in ANP, JUI and MQM.

The champion of Mango Politics is very much clear in their stance no one divert state circumstance in right path. It is bitter reality but it is not impossible. The government should think about to generate own income from different sources. I elaborate in state prospects; we totally ignore construction sector that why we have destroyed economy in own hands. The government should invest to establish plant of machinery, factory, building, and shop for generating income in these sources but no one should think about it. The government should build latest four plaza (building) in each cities to give on rent and earn income. The government should give free land to farmers or on lease to utilize for harvesting and generating income but nothing in vain in this state.

Moreover, the government should take over mosques cross the country or latest 20% take over to eradicate hateful religious thoughts, class distinction, and discrimination amidst from different sects. The government should train religious team of pious leaders who have duty bound spread Islam according to teaching of Prophet Muhammad (peace been upon him). Today, Muslims community has been dividing in different culture, class, religious sect and faiths. Today, in Pakistan and Indian media are dividing in various groups. We should loyal to our state. It is primary responsibility of each citizen.

The people of Pakistan are trying to adopt habit of listening petrol prices are enhancing by government after fifteen days in each month and people are exasperate this state situation. No mercy from government side. Don’t hesitate. Keeping clam down and going for sleep. No need to demonstrate against price hike that the twitter is last hope to dropping their frustration upon government.

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