(Ali Sohail, Karachi)

I Write You to Communicate My Huge Concern over the Skyrocketing cost Of Essential Commodities which making the life of common People Very Difficult

The government has failed Miserably in Its Promise of Keeping The Rate of Inflation low The Prices of Pulses, Vegetables, cooking Oils,Sugar Etc have been rising Unrelentingly. The Salaries People's are One of The worst Sufferers even The cannot Manage their Household Budget Within Their Salaries. It is High time Government should take steps to control the rising prices
The charge of electricity and Gas cylinder is also increasing.All types of medicine including life saving drugs are now beyond the reach of Common people

In this situation it is really a challenge to maintain a family with fixed Income. The daily wages earners are Terribly crushed because while Inflation increases,the Income of Common man didn't increases, and therefore their income will have less value over time

When their is a high inflation, saving money would mean watching your cash decrease in value day after day, so people tend to spend the cash on something else.

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