The PEC- 2015 Bill will pack whom by the way?

(Mohammad Baig, Rawalpindi)

It will just target the media at large for which it has been designed and passed in hurry without listening the civil society and disregarding the basic rights or the citizens.

At last, the government did a hurry business and passed the PEC Bill, 2015 with leading majority of only 33 out of 342.

The bill poses the government hurry and eagerness on the bill that it did not wait for the house numbering and passed it with the presentation of just 33 out 342. Interestingly on the day of voting for the PEC Bill, 2015 there were hardly 33 members in the national assembly who had troubled to come perhaps. It was a nice chance for the government to avoid the criticism of the opposition or the disliking fellows so it did it in hurry but without going into its impact on the civil society and the routine working of the people.

How it will impact the civil society and its working and help out the criminalization of the criminals or the offenders or the gamers needs a detailed discussion on the media with involving the majority in the open forums to express their viewpoint that has not been done nor respected the civil society say.

But in fact, it is all the game to deaden the unwanted media criticism and posing the people a high efficiency working of the government with fair, free and transparent activities. It is not the end of the game designed in the bill but to do all the measures to kill the media, the public opinion, sharing of information, exchange of views, photojournalism, cartooning on different issues or the subjects. The government thus has the powers to blocking any information system or the information, scanning or peeping into the foreign calls, messages, private talks, domestic issues, personal matters, discussions and debates on the social media on politics or the religion or the education or the basic rights.

This sort of action would lead to an end to intellect discussion, views and reviews, sending of sms, emails, news items even talking or sending messages to family to family and expression of an individual on the policies of the government.

Disinterestingly, now before going to say hello to your friend, relatives or the knowing person you will alarm the caller to take care before talking on the issues and especially the issues related to the government policies either sending one the jail for a long time with heavy fines. This would be a state of fear and terror more blunt than that of a private individual or the caller that would impact 100% negatively on the civil society and its norms.

Each would fear to go for a call either doing or receiving he may face some non sense remarks on the issue and be booked for the jail and the fine. The impact of this bill would not give the society a new light to go for the positive selection of materials but a horror on choosing the materials or the information even if necessary but with a critic mode. Thus the majority of the people would prefer to go to the PTV or to close their liking channels because of their closure, banning of pictures, sound systems, deshaping of the characters or the pictures deadening the screen and making the prominent issues highly disinteresting by damaging the quality of the programmes such as the ARY and many others are facing at present because of one and the only reason they are the non gratta before the government.

By passing of the bill, PEC- 2015 all sort of campaigns on food security and the food quality with ensuring of the food nutrition would go ban. Similar will happen with the campaigns launched against the corruption and the mal practicing of the authorities of the government officials. There would be no say against the safe water for the community, access to education, employment, shelter, access to justice as the equal gender with equal rights and respect in the society and most probably access to consumer market with maintaining the consumers rights at affordable prices and the quality of food and ensuring of the individual not looted or cheated in the consumer market, say tomato at 100,kudu at,120,lemon at,240 excluding the branded consumer items which are the major source of looting the poor with no question to the seller.

How one could launch his complaint either asking first permission for the launching of a complaint and if not allowed wait for the life time or compromise on the same.

Now the complaints lodged against the district management and the district judiciary would be considered a heinous crimes and the applicant would face the charges as the criminal and go to the jail with heavy fines.

How will this bill save and secure the teens and the youth the most target of the non sense materials available on the net sent by the unauthorized people, companies such as the nude ads, sex films, sex stories, sex relationship among the youth and the adults and the highly objectionable ads, programmes, dramas, talks, semi nude dresses made in Pakistan are not included in the bill package.

The name given to this bill the draconian bill was not right but to denying the civil society their fundamental and the constitutional rights was the right name for which it has been designed.


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آپ کی رائے
We request the honourable courts to help out the people and media the most target of this law designed specifically to deaden the media and the voice of the people.
By: Mohammad Baig, Rawalpindi on Aug, 01 2016
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