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The Elders of the All India Congress, tried their best that the Britishers, on leaving the Sub-continnent, should hand over the control of United India to the Congress. They tried their best to make the English Rulers believe that in India there was only one nation and that it was “Indians” They did their utmost to prove that the Congress was the only representative of all the people (even Muslims) of India The Alien rulers accepted Congress’s claim because Master Tara Sing, the Sikh leader, and some of the Muslim leaders like Ab-ul- Kalam Azad, the youngest president of All India Congress in 1923 A.D. and after Independence, the first Education Minister of Bharat. This was because both the leaders and many others who opposed the Partition of India, were assured that in United India, the affairs of the country would be run under a “Secular” Constitution safeguarding the rights of people, without keeping in mind their religious inclinations.

Amomg those who vehemently opposed Quaid –i- Azam’ Two Nation Theory, was Dr. Maulana Ab-ul-Kalam Azad. In recognition of his valuable services in opposing the All India Muslim League’s efforts for a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Sub-continent, he was held in high esteem by the Congress. He was honoured to be President of All India Congress in 1923 and thereafter Ist Education Minister of Bharat after independence. However, before his death, he wrote something on a piece of a paper, packed it in an envelope, with instructions “To be opened after 25 years of my death” and handed it over to the Congress leadership. On due date, all the eminent leaders of the Congress gathered to enlighten themselves with the much awaited contents of the envelope kept in the safe of office of the Congress for such a lomg time. Every one with high heart-beat was making his own guess.

The envelope was opened. It contained a short and simple statement “Mr. Jinnah was right.” The Congress men were dismayed, became mum, bewildered completely, not knowing what to do!! Maulana Ab-ul –Kalam Azad’s statement can be interpreted in many ways:

a. It was a great tribute to Jinnah’s towering personality; a well reputed barrister, a great politician and the most prominent statesman. Alas! Because of some compulsions he (Ab-ul-Kalam Azad) could not accept Jinnah’s leadership, rather preffered to work against Jinnah!!

b. It was a homage to Jinnah for the righteousness of his mission / cause for which he did not budge an inch, and despite the connaivance of Governor General Mount Batton, the Hindus and many of the Ulmaa from the Muslims, Jinnah continued his struggle and despite heavy odds, he succeeded in convincing the Rulers that the Muslims were a separate nation in India, hence attained a separate homeland for the Muslims.

c. It was repentance that Ab-ul-Kalam Azad had not sided with Jinnah. Had he done so, the biggest human migration in history (200 m had to leave their ancestral home to reach Pakistan), the unprecedent blood – shed (5 m Muslims were slaughtered by the Hindus and the Sikh exteremists) due to Communal riots erupting before, during and many years after emergence of Bharat as “Secular State” and closal loss of property due to burnig, looting and damaging by the Hindu mobs, could had been avoided. The process of character assassination of Muslim heroes, anything belonging to the Muslims put on the hit list and new meanings/interpretations given to historical facts by the Hindus dominated Congress govt. of which he was an important figure, could have been avoided. Annexation of Hyderabad through military invasion and entry of Indian Armed Forces into Muslim dominated state of Jammu and Kashmir, all happened while he was in Indian Congress. Alas, he could not raise his voice!!

d. A compliment to Mr. Jinnah’s foresight as Jinnah was sure that minorities would not be safe in Bharat. The Secular Constitution of Bharat would not protect their rights. This was proved through the bitter treatment meted out to the Muslims, the Dalits, the Sikhs and other communities. The Hindu mentality dominated everywhere, in all fields. Sikkam and Bhutan lost their identity. Ab-ul-Kalam Azad could not foresee this happening right from Day-1.

The elders of Congress, in 1947, declared India to be a “Secular State”. This fact was also mentioned in Indian Constitution (drafted by Maulana Ab-ul Kalam Azad) and the Indians were proud of it. However, this claim, as proved from the treatment the minorities met at the hands of the Hindus, did not stand to the test.

The minorities, especially the Muslims, remained at the hit list. The Hindu Govts have always been trying their best to reduce this minority to “Third Rate Citizens” of the State. Thousands of mosques (Including the historical Babri Masjid), madaras and other educational/charitable institutions have been demolished, burnt, closed or taken over by the Govt on one pretext or the other. The syllabuii in educational institutions have been changed and personalities of the Muslim heroes have been depicted altogether differently. The history of the Sub-continent has been rewritten suiting the Hindu mentality. The innumerable Communal riots bursting from time to time in various parts of India brought misiries to the Indian Muslims in the form of deaths, wounds, loss of honour, dignity, property, destruction of means of earning livelihood and absence of peace of mind. These riots had also adverse demographic effects for the Muslims. The Muslims lost their due representation in Local, Provincial and Federal Assemblies. Resutantly they were never in a position to voice effectively for their rights. The Muslim youth, suffered in every field: education, jobs and promotions. Hyderabad was invaded on the day when the Pakistanis were mourning death of “Father of the Nation.” India entered her Army, in Jammu and Kashmir under the cover of a fraudulent pact with Maharaja, copy of which, till todate, is not shown at any forum.

The Sikhs have also been dealt accordingly. The Province of East Punjab, after adding small areas here and there, was divided into three provinces, only to remove the “Cutting Teeth” of the Sikhs. The Golden Temple was raided and desecrated only to prove that the Hindu India was not bothered about the religious places/feelings of the Sikhs. Look at the losses of men (30.000 in a few days were murdered in Dehli only) and property, the Sikhs had to bear due to reaction shown by angry extremist Hindus, immediately after Indra Ghandi’s Murder!! It really broke the back -bone of Sikh militants, as well as the community - never to rise again. This made the Sikh community meek, weak and completely subservient to the Hindus. The Sikhs, just like the followers of Janism and Buddhaism, are slowly being merged into Hinduism. Presently they provide agricultural products to the country and human fodder to the Armed Forces only to be consumed in supperession of freedom movements or for commiting atrocities on the down trodden segments of the Indian society.

The Dilats though not a potent threat to the Hindus, yet have also been the targets of the Hindus. Despite in great numbers, the Dalits have never been a potent threat to Brahaman India’s soveregnity and integrity. However, Dr. Umbeed Kar, a very popular Dalit leader, besides his lifelong struggle, could not achieve any thing worthwhile for the Dalits. He was enticed by the hypocracy of the Congress leardership. Whatever was assured to him for the Dalits, in the Indian Constitution, was never put into practice. Resultantly the Dalits till today feel highly insecure in practicing their customs, rites and other social obligations. They are deprived of justice, education, jobs and advancement/promotions, as assured to them in the Indian Constitution. The cases of murder, rape, beating, hanging and defaming/ degrading at the hands of high class Hindus, are on the increase. Their present leader Maya Mati has been abused publically with four purposes:

1. To prove to the Dalits that the Hindus damn care for the leaders of other communities.
2. The Dalits should not fly high, and know their worth.
3. To convey a threat directly to Maya Mati, to curtail her political activities.
4. To counter the possibility of emergence of any worthwhile leadership among the Dalits;
asassiniation of political career of Dalits’ leadership.

What the RSS and other extremist Hindu Organizations, having their tentacales in all the provinces, are going to do with the Secular India is as clear as the shining sun. They are all out to make India a “HINDU STATE” and they have full support of Prime Minister Narender Moodi and many Provincial Govts. The Indian Constitution will be amended accordingly, and thereafter the minorities will have only one of the three options:

1. Accept Hinduism, or
2. Face death, or
3. Leave the country for ever with no valuables to be taken away!!

Will the non - Hindu communities let that happen? The sooner they realize the danger the better it will be. But time is running short!! They should set aside their differences and fight for their rights collectively.

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