My Ideal Pakistan

(Sana Faisal, Rawalpindi)

Load shedding, target killing, kidnapping, hunger, suicides.. That is a summary of Pakistan to the whole world. So the question lies here. How can we improve our identity? How can we walk different parts of world saying proudly 'I am a Pakistani'?

We blame our politicians for all the wrong things in our country and of course they have gone wrong. But do we think that WE are the ones who voted for them, we are the ones who fought for them and killed other innocent Pakistanis.

The first step we need to take is to make the right choice. We need to be aware of the manipulations that our politicians can cause to our minds.

Once the right people are chosen as our leaders, many problems will be solved. But there are some things we can do ourselves.

We complain about how low rations of water we get everyday but one way to solve this problem is to save the water. We can save the water that we get and use it wisely. In this way, we'll never run out of water.

Load shedding is another major problem in our country. Our leaders can reduce the amount of load shedding but we need to work on this matter too. We can switch off the extra lights and fans which will lessen the burden of electricity supplier and slowly but surely we'll be able to get more electricity.

In the big cities of Pakistan, there is a lot of traffic. We use our cars more often but if instead we use public transport such as taxi's and buses, the traffic will lessen and it will be a convenient thing for people.

Another problem that's been rising in our country with a great speed is child kidnapping. Almost six hundred innocent children are sent out of country for slavery. No one wants to see their child in danger. All we need to do is keep our child with us and never let them out of sight. And if we see any kidnapper or a suspicious man, we can report them to the police or army.

People are losing their jobs or aren't getting any. We see everyday that many educated people are walking the roads in search of a job to feed their families and this scene is heartbreaking to see. This is a matter that our government can solve. We need to report about these things to the news channels and soon the matter will be in government's hand.

I wish to see a Pakistan which is free of all these problems and their solutions are not impossible. We can work together to form a great nation and prove to the world our worth. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD! PAK ARMY PAINDABAD!

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