Hasina Wajid’s terror alerts

(Hamza Ali, Islamabad)

A report published in the Daily Star last week quoted Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid as saying that her government expects terrorist attacks during the month of August on renowned educational institutions across Bangladesh. “Terrorists are planning something big and ministers may also be targeted.” The alert is based on the detention and death sentence of Quasem who was handed down death sentence for his collaboration with the Pakistan Army as war crime during 1971. His hearing of review petition had been deferred for one month. Quasem is alleged to be financing a campaign to make the trial controversial.

In the earlier attacks by local terrorists who later emerged as the sons of well off families and ministers, the Bangladeshi and Indian media as well as newspapers wasted no time in pointing finger at Pakistan. However, the investigations revealed that the terrorists who made hostage a number of foreigners at a five-star hotel and killed many of them had no link with Pakistan but were local disgruntled youth. Already the ISIS had on a number of occasions has claimed its presence in Bangladesh. According to some of the Bangladeshi newspapers ISIS is an Indian-sponsored group of locals who got training in India and were infiltrated to Bangladesh. The Hasina Wajid government is already collaborating with Indian intelligence apparatus but many believe that she is unaware of the greater conspiracy. Indian think-tanks have of late been advising New Delhi to annex Bangladesh and undo the blunder of Indira Gandhi which she made at the time of creating Bangladesh. Her Generals at time advised her to annex Bangladesh with India but she didn’t do so probably because of US interference.

But Modi government seems to have given the task to security and intelligence agencies to hatch a situation that ultimately leads to the merger of Bangladesh into India, permanently. Such alerts do not seem to be Hasina government’s intelligence information but fed by the Indian side, under well thought out strategy. Pointing finger at Pakistan serves two purposes: one, to implicate the Pakistan government as well as military establishment; and two, to sow seeds of hatred amongst the Bangladeshi populace against Pakistan. Islamabad must watch developments with a hawk eye.

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