Imran Khan, Tehreek-e-Ehtesab and Pakistan By: Farooq Zeeshan Raza

(Farooq Zeeshan Raza, Lahore)

Pakistanis are corrupt in nature not only rich but also the poor, as far as today’s Pakistan is concern, if not everyone but most of the Pakistanis are. Sorry it’s harsh but a bitter truth. Yes to some extent it’s THE MEDIA but overall we are not doing any good to us too. The whole world even Friends consider us as corrupt. Let’s take an example, like if you have an aerial view you will see the color which is in bulk or which is the base, it will look prominent on earth similarly when the whole world sees us they see corruption because most of us are corrupt no matter rich or poor. Please stop hiding behind Conspiracies.

Very few people in Pakistan talked or campaigned against corruption and I am talking about known figures. One of them is Imran Khan (IK) who is fighting against corruption continuously and pretty aggressively. And now a days IK becomes a serious threat to corrupt mafias. Though he is successful to create the awareness in the masses but it is not enough and to me the biggest reason is lack of education, and related reasons are uneducated voter and the caste system, harassment to the voters. IK’s Tehreek-e-Ehtesab is one of his efforts against corruption and due to above mentioned reasons some media groups are portraying his efforts as anti-government but actually it is pertinent to understand that IK clearly mentioned many times that his anti-corruption efforts are not against any single person or family or party it’s against corruption itself. After a great start from KPK PTI’s Tehreek-e-Ehtsab is heading towards other parts of Pakistan to educate people and create awareness against corruption but some jurnos and media houses are trying to give the impression that it is a failure or it is going to be a failed movement. One can understand easily that how The Mafia is getting together against this movement and IK. And actually it makes the support stronger for IK that all the mafia standing against one. It gives the hope to the people that someone is still there to fight for them. Either you support PTI or IK but one thing is for sure that his stance is Right. Corrupt and Corruption should be curbed and penalized only then Pakistan will flourish and it is only possible when the people of Pakistan should be educated in a way that they know their rights and they stand for their rights.

It is a tough task to create the awareness amongst the masses because as mentioned earlier most of the people are corrupt and uneducated they think that this movement of IK is against them they fear the consequences of their wrong doings. So they are resisting pretty hardly YET! They are trying old tactics to stop this movement of PTI by media management like IK’s corruption news or IK’s personal life etc. But after ALLAH thanks to IK it’s because of him people are much more aware of the matters now. IK on the other hand is determined as Rock as ever. People criticize him for his seemingly weird decisions but until now PTI under the leadership of IK proved to be the best opposition ever in the history of Pakistan. PTI and IK are making their opponents worry and to some extent made them panic now. The proof of it that central government and all the provinces are under pressure to deliver in reality and not on papers only. It seems that they are being pushed to deliver which is ultimately good for Pakistan. In the past it was the practice in PPP and PMLN tenures that all the development was made only on papers and still they are trying to play the same game but this time PTI in opposition making a big difference and making their dreams shattered.

But it is not enough and a lot of work still to do in this regard. And frankly speaking IK is a big source of income for some of the media houses and some jurnos. To his supporters, sympathizers and admirers it is enough that he is determined and focused after all rubbish happening around and against him. May ALLAH help those who are really struggling for Pakistan. Aameen.

Pakistan Zindabad.

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