A New Pakistan

(Saqib Sethi, Lahore)

14 August 1947, this date usually takes us 67 years back and highlights the old memories with young spirit. Yes! This is the day when we got our identity “Pakistan”.

That was the Independence Day, the day when the blood of our sacrifices drew the line of border and a new country with a pure Islamic identification was born. This country has become the place where we and our forefathers could counter our religious traditions & beliefs. Still the hospitality of the soil of Pakistan goes on for the younger generation. But they just have to explore the seeds of prosperity to sow then in the surface of this piece of land of earth.

Pakistan is our soul where we can live with freedom. This is our proud that was gotten after a long struggle of our ancestors. They sacrificed a lot specially their lives but at that time the only inspiration was “Pakistan ka matlab kya La ila ha ill lallah” and finally the sacrifices of our people and struggle of our leaders gave us our homeland PAKISTAN.

Now in 2015 on 14th August we are going to celebrate our 68th Independence Day. Let me share some of our specialties as:

- Our national anthem is at number 1 among top ten national anthems of world.

- We are the developers of (c) Brain one of the 1st computer viruses worldwide.

- We invented world’s 1st workable plastic magnet at room temperature.

- We have the largest deep sea port in world. “Gawadar”

- We have the world’s highest paved international road Karakoram Highway.

- We have the world’s highest Polo ground.

- We have the largest irrigation system in world.

- We have the 2nd largest salt mine.

- We hold four out of fourteen highest mountains in the world K2 is the 2nd highest mountain in the world.

- We are growing 150 species of mangoes and stands on 5th in the list of mango growing countries worldwide.

- We are the 6th largest nation containing one of the oldest civilizations in history.

- We are 7th strongest nuclear power in the world.

- We have 8th largest military forces worldwide.

This is our Pakistan & we are Pakistan.

Unfortunately, right now we are not living in the Pakistan that was the dream of Muhammad Iqbal and the thought of Quaid-e-Azam. We are facing terrorism, financial deficit, we are in the list of 3rd world countries i.e. under developed countries, with low literacy rates, and are facing a lot of criminal activities.

At this Independence Day let’s make a determination and show the world that we are united, we will never let down our country, we will remove the tag of terrorism from our country, and we will support our armed forces in their anti-terrorism operations, let’s come and join hands to remove illiteracy, poverty and criminal deeds from Pakistan.

We will never bear any evil eye towards our homeland. In Shaa Allah

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