Mera Pakistan Kesa Ho?

(Maha Javed, )

"Quaid-e-Azam wanted the formation of such a state in which the concept of the nation will be on the basis of religion and onenessas a nation. Unfortunately, we are not able to make our nation a shining example for the world. We are not working according to the expectations of the great leader. All I see around me are the people waiting for the change to happen without actually doing something. Let us light the candle of hope and desire”

Today, Pakistan is getting through critical phase of numerous challenges. To get rid of them we have to make our nation strong .We have to develop a sense of patriotism among us. I also as a Pakistani want my country to be progressive and developed.

Since the day I was born, I have only seen my land as a state in which corruption, terrorism, injustice and disunity is at its full swing. But the fact remains that we can't go leaving our country in such enormous mess of difficult time. We have forgotten how much struggle Muslims made for the formation of Pakistan. We are entirely ignoring the very principles for which the Muslims under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam had struggled so hard. The creation of Pakistan is the strength of their conviction. The underlying cause of such a disappointing situation for the country is disunity. The Muslims are no more united. To make our homeland a developed state we have to establish concordance between ourselves .We have to eradicate every kind of conflict that caused the lack of unity among us .We can make our nation strong by Quaid's golden rule, "Faith, Unity and Discipline".

To have faith in Islam certainly means to be loyal to our country. We must have to develop a staunch belief in Pakistan as certainly it has come to stay. The biggest problem we are facing today is ignorance because the people are uneducated. Education is the most powerful weapon to change the fate of a nation.Education is a key to success. Illiteracy leads to unemployment. A country will face shortage of employment where the system of education is poor. Unemployment is an economic problem. Those who don't get jobs opportunities ultimately get themselves to the wrong way i.e. Crimes or Terrorism. Dishonesty, corruption and all kind of evils prevail in the countries where people are suffering from the unemployment. I always listen on the news headlines about blast, frauds, corruption, the act of killing someone and many other disgusting crimes. My Pakistan should be free of all these stuff. Instead of punitive measures taken by the government of Pakistan these crime business are still going on. Government must take steps to provide better job opportunities to people and law enforcement may control the crime rates in the country. We have to banish all these social evils. Pakistan should be a peaceful Muslims state.

We must have to develop such a state in which everyone would have equal rights with respect to religion and creeds. We have to develop a just society. It is finalized in Islamic belief that all human beings are to be given equal status. All the Pakistanis must eliminate all the injustices in Pakistan. We should be against usurping the legal rights of one for our own motives. Our nation should be a symbol of honesty and we don't have to compromise on principles and sovereignty. They are the supreme virtues. All are equal in eyes of law. Everyone should enjoy equal status. In order to get rid of the society of these evils we must have to follow moral values. First thing is to make sure that we have an honest and capable government that has strongly determined to develop the country and the welfare of the people. In fact we also have to realize that the government is not only responsible to run the country but it is a duty of all Pakistanis. The youth have to step up and serve the country in every possible way. We have to develop slowly often into a better, more complex, or more advanced state.

Our homeland is a well-known country in terms of resources. It has fertility in land all over the Punjab, rivers, oil ,minerals in Baluchistan and have sea in its south. By using these resources we can give a big economy change. All we need is our oneness as a nation. Developing a country starts out with the hearts of people. With all our efforts together we can make our homeland an industrialized and agriculture country, like the one Quaid created 64 years ago. Now it is our duty to have devotion with our country, and we must stand by it through every thick and thin. We should love our country more than anything. I'm not going to deny that Pakistan has issues but these issues are not things that define us. Those Pakistanis who complains about the country doesn't means that their love for the homeland is less. Every country at its developing stage has issues. Many country faced the same situations in their past. The only thing needed today is believe in Allah Almighty. Lots of efforts are needed to solve all these serious problems as it is quite impossible to solve these problems individually; we need to work with unity. Our goal is to stabilize our nation. In my opinion unity and strong determination is the only solution to change everything because the strength of a nation lays in its oneness ad no nation can achieve its goal without being one as a nation. The love of our country demands that we should make Pakistan a strong and prosperous country. We are full of potential to have our own achievements and we should let the world know about the real worth of our country. We have to believe in ourselves, therefore it is not just a feeling that continuously inspires and guides us but it also gives us strength and courage to safeguard the interest of our country.

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By: Asif Javed Rahi, Bannu on Aug, 08 2016
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