Mera Pakistan Kesa Ho?

(M Naeem, Faisalabad)

My name is Muhammad Naeem, and i have written a few lines about my country. Its all about my feelings and thoughts about my nation and beloved Pakistan.

Pakistan is a blessing of God to the Muslims of the subcontinent especially and all the Muslims of the world generally. From the very first day of its creation, the enemies of Islam are making all attempts to wipe out Pakistan from the map of the world. We got this country by making great sacrifices.

Pakistan is a country that possesses a store of talent; however the problem arises when it comes to using that talent, as for many years now, Pakistan has been facing serious issues that include terrorism. Terrorism has led to a rising death toll and destruction of homes, markets, businesses, etc. the constant blast of guns and bombs has instilled a fear in the hearts of the people.

One of the major problems that Pakistan is currently facing is the load shedding issue of electricity and gas. It has resulted in absolute chaos. Industries are collapsing, people are facing the evils of unemployment and there is general disorder in the country. Businesses are also facing closing issues. It has resulted in inflation as production of products is low and therefore it has increased demand rates where sufficient materials are not being provided. Load shedding is also causing a menace to the domestic sector as now we have to work by candlelight, generators, U.P.S etc. the studies of students are affected badly and something needs to be rapidly done to solve this problem.

Moreover all the crises should be controlled with the Help of Allah Almighty and power of our youth.

The Pakistani Youth has stepped on a train named as destiny that takes its passengers on the path towards development. Since the establishment of Pakistan, youth had always been crushed and oppressed by teachers, leaders and parents. Moreover the role of youth in politics has always been limited due to corrupt and inept political system. They failed to get exposed to the world that could lead to a new era of modernization. As the clock ticked and time flew, things started to change their discourse. The new century brought about much advancement along with the change in trends of Pakistani youth.

These are few techniques that's why our country should be a Islamic Republic Of Pakistan. We should, therefore, fulfill our responsibilities honestly and efficiently to make Pakistan strong and prosperous. We should work hard. Without hard work we cannot make Pakistan strong a prosperous. We should try to get a good education. As without education, no nation can make progress.

We should build a national spirit by being above ethnicity and regionalism and feel proud of being Pakistanis. We should try to become self-reliant in every field of life. We can get rid of foreign loans and become free from all pressures.

We are seeing a bright future of Pakistan because the major part of population consists of youth who now wants change in Political System and also they are interesting to change Educational System they are interesting in using the technology for getting maximum Theoretical and Practical knowledge .

Which is the Pakistan i want to see in my future.

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