How My Pakistan Should Be

(Javeria Zeeshan, Lahore)

Pakistan, the land of pure, the land of Muslims, taken in the name of Islam and Allah………if we honestly analyze, any of the Islamic values can be seen or observed here? That is why we do not find it an ideal state to flourish.

In my point of view, if you ask that how Pakistan should be, I will bluntly say “as Quaid tried to make and as Iqbal visualized.” Actually and factually, Pakistan was taken on the basis of two nation theory. Hindus and Muslims, being two nations, should get separated to live freely but after more than sixty years, as the time going ahead; it is hard to find the difference between two nation’s living style now. We being Muslims do not follow the teachings of Islam, then why did we sacrificed our beloved ones to get an Islamic state.

Pakistanis need to be “Muslims” in its true sense. Till the time we are not following the Sunnah of our beloved Holy Prophet SAW, we cannot be a true Pakistani. Love, tolerance, justice, brotherhood, all these traits should be developed and practiced to make our country an advanced one. I never blamed government for any haphazard; every Pakistani is responsible for the prosperity of his land. we are lacking tolerance in our temperament, so our jails are filling. We do not care for our neighbors and forgive people for little mistakes, then how can we expect good in return.

If we want a better Pakistan, we have to make ourselves better first. The basic hurdle in our way to prosperity is corruption. It can be eliminated if we become fair in our dealings. From lower to higher, all the departments are spoiled with corruption. A vendor, a shopkeeper, a businessman, government servants, the religious figures……in short everyone at his level and opportunity should be honest and fair. This is the first and basic thing every citizen should develop.

Tolerance is the second thing to practice. If someone does bad with us, we must do good in return. We should increase the level of tolerance in our temperament. Most of the quarrels and bad relations are only due to impatience and being less tolerant. A major problem is that we are not united, although everyone among us know that “ United we stand; Divided we fall” but these lessons are limited to the books now. We do not bother to practice them.

I want to see my Pakistan a perfect and ideal land to live and that can only be happened if we deny ourselves in front of a nation. We have to give up selfishness and care for our country fellows. I want courts practicing justice and it can be possible if our lawyers are not corrupt. I want Pakistan beautiful, so I have to clean it till where I can approach. I want to make myself a true and practical Muslim, so I can make Pakistan a better country to live.

Let us take an oath on this Independence Day that we have to change ourselves if we want to bring change. Till the time we are not good, we do not have any right to expect good anywhere. This country is a gift of Allah for us and we do not care for His blessing, He might be angry. Let us be true Muslims and true Pakistanis.
Long live Pakistan

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We'll, it's good enough. Writer has depicted a true picture indeed. I appreciate it. Love Pakistan or leave Pakistan
By: Rana Zeeshan Qaiser, Lahore on Aug, 13 2016
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Well done great article.
By: Zeeshan, Lahore on Aug, 13 2016
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