Mera Pakistan Kesa Hu (How Our Pakistan May Be

(Syed Manazirul Haq, Islamabad)

After bloodshed and massacre, an ideological country came into being under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah on 14th August, 1947 that was named Pakistan. Regretfully the Quaid led the country only for one year after its creation owing to that the country – Pakistan could not be converted into a welfare state instead it is transformed to a state of dismay that is an alarming situation for all those who love Pakistan. Further, due to conflicts and injustice one integral eastern part of Pakistan was separated under the conspiracy war of India in the year 1971 caused a great shock for patriotic Pakistanis. At present Pakistan is attributed to a failure state by the world on the following grounds.

i) Terrorism: Pakistan is facing terrorism for more than one decade owing to that millions of people have been killed so far also terrorism is affecting the economy deeply and enhancing social evils such as 1) deficiency in economy 2) chaos in law and order situation 3) unemployment 4) Capital and skilled human resources flight 5) depreciation in Pak Currency 6) reduction in remittances 7) increase in street and other crimes and above all 7) finger pointing on Islam

ii) Injustice: Justice is being eliminated from Pakistan owing to that it has reached to a danger zone and its existence is being questioned. General people cannot get justice as privileged people rule it over by putting common and poor people into chaos owing to that citizen are taking law into their hands that challenges the writ of the Government. It is kept in mind that according to law of nature if justice is not provided to common people elite group also cannot live with peace and pace.

iii) Impunity: The world “impunity” is being echoed in all over the country. Impunity means exemption from punishment that is totally violation of human rights as it gives perpetrator free hand to do anything whether it is under the law or not. Due to impunity killings and corruption have become common that neglect the rights of victims as they are not in a position to resort to justice as where impunity existed justice is de-existed that leads to disgusting, hatred, violation, killings and other extremist activities which also not spare the ruling elites and their dependants.

iv) Wrong / unbalanced Electoral and Education System: These two elements are composite of all evils and crises that are facing Pakistan. The unbalanced education system can be attributed to three tier education systems – religious, governmental, elite that is not only creating anarchy in the country but also giving air to extremism. On the other hand, the prevailing electoral system in Pakistan has divided the nation into a large number of segments and destroyed the tolerance passion and rationalization that leads to assassination and sectarianism. Also, it is giving fragile governments that are not in a position to take bold steps for the betterment of the country, economy and masses.

In order to put Pakistan on the right, dimensional and dynamics track the following remedial steps must be taken and on account of vigorous enforcement of the following steps Pakistan must be a welfare Islamic State as all patriotic people want that Pakistan is a country where all under noted qualities are existed. In short our Pakistan may be a State where follows aspects must be existed.

i) Robust restoration of Capital Punishment: Capital punishment must be robustly restored and punishment against crimes should be awarded in reciprocal way, i.e. teeth against teeth, blood against blood, fire against fire and so on. Islam teaches us that if a murderer is awarded capital punishment certainly there would be tranquility in the society otherwise killings would become common in humanity. Economy criminals should also be awarded capital punishment and in this way tranquility, peace and economy stability would be restored and Pakistan will become an economy power and rule the world.

ii) Restoration of justice: Rule of disbeliever can be run long time but the rule of unjust ruler can never stay long. Injustice breeds many social and non-social crimes that in the long run ruin the society and the country. If justice is restored in its true sense 95% crimes would certainly be disappeared and Pakistan would be known as welfare state by blessing of Allah as where justice is existed there blessing is bestowed. Keeping in view of justice, Police and Judicial Reforms must be incorporated that should be at par like caliphate judicial and police system.

iii) Elimination of Impunity: Exemption from punishment and sentence must be eliminated from Pakistan so that no one dares or thinks to do crime and in this way law and order situation would be much better. Corruption and crimes would be reduced to great extent.

iv) Removal of Wrong / unbalanced Electoral and Education System: If unbalanced education and electoral system are continued solidarity, unity and strength can never be obtained in Pakistan. In order to obtain true result one tier education system should be enforced robustly in all over the country and free education may be provided to all citizens of Pakistan at least up to Secondary Level. True education creates the inner ability of a student who in the long run must be beneficial not only for the country but also for people as education teaches to serve the people - enter to learn and go out to serve. The first world of the Holy Quran is regarding knowledge and education and true education and knowledge leads to Allah and heaven that is the prime object of human beings. If education is common and access to the poor, population of the country would be rationalized and crimes would be reduced. Moreover, existing electoral system should be reformed according to the essence of Islam, i.e. rationalized-based selection is made not common-based selection as through rationalized-based selection by efficient handful selected individuals, honest intellectuals and God fearing people would be chosen and the country will progress by leaps and bounds.

v) Medical Insurance System: All welfare States provide medicinal facilities to its citizens in order to keep healthy environment in the country. Medical Insurance Systems should be enforced in Pakistan under different layers according to the paying capacity. The poor who are not in a position to pay insurance premium (IP) should be registered with undertaking and their IP may be paid by the governments under Zakat or other designated funds.

vi) Shelter Houses: Shelters Houses may be constructed by the governments in all over the country in order to facilitate homeless and food-less people. Homeless and food-less people who are able to work their services must be used in productive way so that burden on governments could be reduced and they may become useful citizens and in this way beggary must be reduced.

vii) Provision of Employment: Parallel and balanced fiscal and monetary policy should be made with a view to have full employment in the country as persistent unemployment diverts the mind to negative activities causing of terrorism and streets crimes in the country.

viii) Agricultural and Industrial Zones: Agricultural and Industrial Zones must be set up in the country and no housing schemes are initiated in Agricultural and Industrial Zones in order to boost agricultural and industrial products.

ix) Construction of Small Dams: Small Dams may be constructed in all over the country on war footing basis so that water crisis is avoided – rain water is preserved especially in much rainy areas and flood is confined.

x) City Limit: City limit in all over the country must be determined as it has been witnessed that Karachi is expanding day by day, but still no boundary is fixed to limit the city. Much expansion of the city causes dell of crimes and law enforcement agencies are not in a position to keep law and order situation intact as dense populated areas become a heaven of criminals. Limit of Karachi and other big cities of the country may be determined and new cities may be created on war footing basis in this way crimes must be reduced. Further unorganized populated areas must be organized with a view to give access to law enforcement agencies.
All patriotic people of Pakistan pray that Pakistan may become a country where all above qualities are prevailed vigorously. Amen.

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