PAKISTAN-the real form

(Amna Tahir Gondal, Lahore)

I am a student of PhD Political Science and have read the history of Pakistan so far in detail from various angles. And I can say that even after 69 years of independence, it is not the Pakistan which was supposed to be the Pakistan of Muslims’ sacrifices, the Pakistan of Allama Iqbal’s dream, the Pakistan of Quaid’s struggle and the Pakistan of Islamic ideology and Two Nation Theory. We have been and are still a slave-minded nation which is under the burden of loan, lack of basic life facilities and has a torn image of being terrorists. So in these conditions, what are supposed to be the demands of a person and what should one’s Pakistan be like?

The prime aim of this article is to recommend and suggest some proposals for an ideal Pakistan which was supposed to be here. From where to start? At this question I am full of ideas that are blocked in my mind. Let’s start from our religion on the basis of which Pakistan was attained. I want a Pakistan in which every single person is literate about the religion, its principles and its practice in daily life. How is it possible? The government should make, the whole Quran and the Hadith, compulsory in the basic education system starting from the entire beginning point and continue it in every single course that is included and recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC). It should also include the complete life story of our prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H). The recent proposal by the government in this regard is a great piece of appreciation to prove Pakistan as truly an Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Secondly, I wish for a Pakistan that fulfills the sacrifices of Muslims given to attain a free homeland where Muslims can live freely. One can clearly see that the newspapers are filled with the cases of rapes, kidnapping and killings. One can’t go outside home with full security and even one is not safe in own house because of robbery etc. For this the security institutions like police for national and Army for international security should be given full support (financial and moral) so that they can perform their duties well enough. For that the public should also take responsibility to fulfill this duty. As it should keep a check and make the institutions accountable.
Thirdly, I would like to point out our cultural aspect, in which the gazette holidays should be reviewed. The focal point should be to make these holidays knowledgeable. My point is that in Pakistan, no one is aware of the main cause behind the holiday but everyone is fully aware about the name and date of holiday. So steps should be taken to make people aware of the main events and their story. It can be done by arranging seminars, setting up TV programs and managing events in educational and public institutions where people and students can get full knowledge of the holiday cause. Moreover, it should be given special importance so that the public as well as the leaders shall get interest in it; not just by the name of holiday.

Then fourth is the language domain, where our declared National language is Urdu and this is the language on the basis of which our country and its formation along with the independence were grounded. But unfortunately, the people feel proud in making fun of it and rather consider it as an embarrassment to talk or excel about. No doubt our official language is English and also it is an international language and we should learn it but we should not forget our base mother language. Our founding fathers also advised us to learn English so that we can compete with the superpowers but they never endorsed us to overlook our own language Urdu. In this regard, a spiritual awakening is required for the people. My article is also in English language just because our people think it more knowledgeable and read more attentively. So I thought to give my message in a language that people take interest in.

Fifth sphere is of political leadership, in which everyone is quite aware of the power corrupted sector. I will not say to vote for a special party or candidate, but at least look before one vote. The people in Pakistan are not literate enough as I asked an old man why does he vote for N-league. He was like I vote for Sher (lion). I asked again why sher?. He said because sher is the king. I mean he was neither concerned with the party nor the leadership but only with the symbol. I am myself evident of an election day when the ladies were not coming to caste vote. I visited few houses to know the reason. The only reason I heard was that ‘it’s the only holiday when we can rest and sleep with comfort at home and there is no work’. But no one knows that these holidays and comfort lead to rigging. And then everyone (along with these above-mentioned people) says that we are not provided with basic facilities. Well from whom are they demanding? Because they had not casted their vote. Moreover, some people say that there is no effective person or party to vote for that is why I do not cast my vote. One should know the power of their vote. If they are not casting their vote, it is still being used in rigging. In addition, democracy means not the perfect person to vote for but rather choose a better person among the candidates and afterwards held that person responsible and accountable for his actions. The public should use its actual power and not consider and declare themselves weak in front of the corrupted powerful politicians. Because these politicians are given the power by these people who consider themselves weak.

Sixth is the education system in which one can clearly see that there are various types of institutions; private, government, semi-autonomous along with English-medium, Urdu-medium and Madrasah. I want a Pakistan where there is a single form of educational system in which all of these types are united. There should be taught every language along with the education of Islam. So that there should not be the division of students in categories like the division of people in political parties, caste system and class sytem.

Class-system and caste-system is the seventh problem. Pakistan came into being on the basis of Islam which teaches equality despite the diversity of caste, color and creed. So why Pakistan’ system is based on these divisions? Technically, there are 3 classes; upper, middle and lower. But in Pakistan there are 9 classes; each class further divided into classes. Along with this, there is caste system and feudalism. These two systems amalgamate in such a way that leads to a complete complex barrier that hinders and blocks Pakistan’s way to be a true Islamic State. In this regard, a psychological treatment is required which needs a true absorption of Islam in our minds. We have to start believing in humanity rather than these divisions. We have to consider ourselves equal to each other not above.
Provincial clash is eighth problem for Pakistan. The four provinces along with the tribal areas are not united and yet not satisfied with each other. They all consider each as separate and independent. Kashmir is still a disputed territory. For this, there should be a direct people-people contact in which there shall not be any bitterness in heart. All shall reflect themselves as Pakistani first and then consider their ethnicity etc. there should be equality on every respect like facilities, resources, wealth, economy etc. Because PAKISTAN means P-Punjab, A-Afghania, K-Kashmir, S-Sindh and TAN-Balochistan.

I also want to express another thought of mine that, I observed, the Western has adopted the true sense of Islam and we have been dragged away on the thinking that “Stay away from Maghrib. Will drown if sided Maghrib”. Even though they are the true followers of Islam despite not being Muslims and we are only Muslims by name and not by actions. This is a thought that every Muslim should review and work upon it.

These all serious problems and their considerate solutions is just a miniature portion which I tried to discuss about Pakistan. There is a lot more to be researched, discussed and resolved. I want every single citizen of Pakistan to feel and work for Pakistan. Because:
Yeh Watan tumhara hai
Tum ho pasbaan is kay


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