How I want to see my country grow

(Saleem Awan, Lahore)

There are many examples of development and growth in the country. Many countries developed by selling mare natural resources like Saudi Arabia. Some countries developed by offering labour intensive work to the world market like South Korea. There are some countries who started to sell raw products to the market and then gradually they concentrated on science and technology. They gradually started to export finished goods and start to earn maximum value of their goods, products and services. USA is the best example of those countries. What should be our model of development? I think we must follow the example set my USA. They started to sell raw material in the world markets as we did in the past but then they slowly set their economy as producers of finished goods. We must follow the same and target to produce maximum value products.

Political & Economic Environment:
If we want to become a developed country then we will have to realize our weaknesses and strengths. Once we do that we should be getting better with the passage of time.

Pakistan have been in turmoil since its creation. Unstable political and economic environment in the country never supported the business environment. Political and social peace is very important for the foreign as well as local investors. Most of Pakistani entrepreneurs living abroad will bring their money back if they are assured of consistency and stability in the political and economic environment.

Infrastructure is the basic requirement for the development. Every grower and producer needs means to bring their products to the markets. Fortunately, our present political govt. is working on the agenda to promote business environment. Infrastructure is being developed. CPEC is a blessing for our nation. This is going to be base line for our development and growth. We must be care in dealing with this mega project. We must avoid to make it disputed as we did in the past with Kalabagh project.

Improvements in education system are badly required. We are still waiting when it becomes a routine that our graduates work on their own innovative ideas. Our graduates study just earn degree and ultimately are good job. That's the only object behind our efforts in education. We need to feel real need for knowledge not just the degree rather for discovering the universe around us. Our students at large are just running after degrees they don't care for knowledge.

Still many students are copy/pasting old projects with new titles and if is not possible they are hiring professionals to complete their final projects.
We need to change education system from very base level. We need to concentrate on primary education. Their we will have to create hunger for knowledge in our students. Reading habits and exploring some thing new every day..... If we can do that we can fix the major educational problem in our country. With the passage of time new breed of students will make change. They will become real innovators and creators.

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