Pakistan Can Become An Ideal State

(Aqsa Asif, Karachi)

Our beloved country Pakistan is a gift of Almighty Allah.

Pakistan is a reward of a great sacrifice of Muslims of subcontinent (our forefathers) and struggle of great leaders.

Pakistan got independence on 27 Ramadan, Shab e Qadar it is really a gift. The gift having all four climates, crop twice a year, different kinds of forest, lands, mountains, plateaus, lakes, rivers, warm sea ports , minerals, animals birds, a gateway to middle-east countries, and many more at one place which makes Pakistan’s location strategic on the world map.

All it seems that our country possesses strong economy & social activities but unfortunately situation is very worse due to system failure. We lost loyal leadership and we have sleeping public.

Every Pakistani wants to see prosperous Pakistan, a state where availability of basic amenities i-e (food, shelter, clothing, education & health) is not difficult. A state free from corruption & where people get speedy justice. A country which exports is higher than imports; a country that stands on its own feet’s when there is no need to borrow any type of loan from IMF and World Bank. A country where every one respects each other religion, traditions, culture and no kind of gender discrimination is present, a country having Islamic banking system. All in one word Pakistan must have all features, qualities of an Islamic state.
The biggest hurdle in the development process is bad governance and poor decision making on one hand, and lack of general public interest on other hand. We should not blame government alone we ourselves are not focusing on the serious issues of a country.

The biggest obstacle is corruption. It leads many evils such as nepotism, bribery, assassination of merit, smuggling, black- marketing, and ultimately terrorism. To eliminate corruption there should be a strong judicial system which ensures speedy & fair justice and unrestricted from political power. Everyone is equal in the eyes of law either they are rich, masses or poor. Enforcement of the constitution is needed; the punishments suggested in the constitution must be given to not only general public but also to politicians, government official landlords and businesses men that are engaged in corrupt activities, cases should be windup quickly without wasting time in making committees over committee, judges lawyers investigation officers must be free from any kind of political influence and are appointed on merit and clear verdict must be presented on media.

Secondly there is a need to enforce education and health emergency in a country. Education is only that mechanism which brings revolutionary change in our country. Government should increase the amount of educational and health budget and use it in appropriate way. There should be one educational board all across the Pakistan according to international standard. Only that School, Madrassa, University and other training institutions should continue who get registered by HEC. Schools should make sure to teach Quran with translation, while madrassas should ensure scientific study side by side. Through right education people get aware of their rights, they come to know what is right & wrong, how to respect others, and then people of Pakistan are able to cast vote to a deserved person and also become capable to work on their own.

We as individuals made unnecessary expenditure on different occasions like marriages, death, and births etc. only for showiness, all this is against teaching of Islam, government should put banned on it. We spend money lavishly on imported products ignoring & discouraging made in Pakistan which cause adverse balance of payment and to balance we borrow loans. We should at least prefer those goods which are made in Pakistan.

Powers should be distributed at grass root level to masses so problems can be solved at tehsil, unions and district levels and will not burdened one person. Electoral system must be reorganized. Government officials are trustees not owners so allowances should be canceled. VIP protocol should be taken back; check & balance should be made on tours made by government. Islamic banking system should be followed where interest rate is at zero percent.
In the end we need a leader who has will and skill to move on right path and a people who have self-sufficiency believes on khudi (self-esteem), Insha Allah we will succeed.

"Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them: a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last-minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill."
(Muhammad Ali Boxer)


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