What Kind of Pakistan I want

(Amber Saleem, )

Currently, there are 195 officially known countries in the world. Our beloved country is one of them, and was recognized as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Ever since the country appeared on the world map, it has faced many hitches. Every nation has come to a debauched, rough and disrupt era. The nations who stood tall during these trying times stand amongst the inordinate nations. In the present setting, the requisite is to unbridle the devotion and chauvinism of the youth, which will pave a pathway for a better future of Pakistan. It is often said that be the change you want to see. Therefore, a few points that can help make Pakistan a superior nation are conferred as follows and as I want to see Pakistan.

Individual concern
This doesn’t actually mean taking the responsibility of the whole country, but what it means is that your identity as a Pakistan national will delineate how you are treated and every one of us is somehow liable for the image of Pakistan. Therefore, we should take individual responsibility of our engagements and their magnitudes on our beloved country. We are the country. When we act, not only we are representing our country but also our own personal upbringing.

National resources as own resources
We often visit amusement parks and witness the deteriorating condition of the facilities there; not to mention the colossal amount of litter that is present there. No doubt the government is responsible for the maintenance but it is not the government who has concealed the walls with wall chalking and littered the place. We must consider the national resources as our own resources and play our part in preserving them.

Veneration of law enforcement agencies
Now the law enforcement agencies may not be perfect but that doesn’t mean we should not hold them in high esteem. Reverence of the law enforcement agencies will only be possible if we will respect the law. Therefore, valuing the law yields veneration of the law enforcement agencies.

Say NO to sectarianism
I want a Pakistan where all the grouping and discrimination on the basis of cast, culture, language, and creed needs to stop. Events should be structured to cater brotherhood among the different groups. What we must realize before it’s too late is that all the people are equal in the eyes of Allah Almighty; what makes one superior in the eyes of Allah is ‘taqwa’ - the Islamic conception of having self-restraint. Thus, we should unite together, and say NO to sectarianism for this is one of the ladders towards the betterment of Pakistan.

Be patient on the road
Have you been stuck in a road due to another person's quickly move or sometimes you also do the same? If we start following traffic rules and show some patience on the road, the result would be better.

I want a Pakistan where we don’t race ahead before the countdown at the red light is still at ‘3’. Keep in your lane and show a friendly behavior to other drivers.
To conclude, being the citizens of Pakistan it is our responsibility to stand up for our country before it is too late. We have to take Pakistan out of the current crisis and safeguard the interests of our nation. All we have to understand is that we are capable of bringing the change we want to see in this country. As the Quaid said, “You are made of sterling material and are second to none.” Long Live Pakistan!

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