Threats to National Security

(Usman Haider, )

Last days the news which was most under discussions of all Tv Talks show ,News bulletins as well as in Print Media their was also given special space on front pages was the Dawn news report published in Dawn news paper by senior dawn news reporter Cyril Almida .The people who don’t know about the Dawn leaks or even are listening 1st time about the dawn leaks so I want to explain for those people that you can say that dawn leaks was among the cases which were serious threat to the security of the state and you would be wonder to know that all cases which were serious threat to the National security were gifts of Democracy because last one of serious threat was in regime of PPPP tenure during the 2008 to 2013 when Memo scandal was considered sensitive issue to the National Security in which former ambassadors of the Pakistan to USA Mr Hessian Haqqani who is alleged to have written a memo to Adm. Mike Mullen, the top US military officer at the time, asking for his assistance in installing a ''new security team'' in Islamabad that would be friendly to Washington.Further is that, govt of Pakistan was seeking help of America was sought by the Civil Government against the Military Establishment of Pakistan and in turn, the Government of Pakistan ensured the US Government to allow them whatever they want. They would have more liberty to act. More than what they are enjoying now. They would have access to the nuclear installations of Pakistan. Another failed effort by the Govt to have control on ISI with help of USA

Memo scandal matter was brought to the Pakistan Supreme court of Pakistan by opposition seeking for constitution of Judiciary Committee to probe the matter of Memo Gate but till now Haqqani is not given punishment . Govt which likely to given protection to the Husain Haqqani .Finally they got success to save to the Haqqani .If Punishment was given to Haqqani so definitely Dawn leaks would never Happen .Dawn leaks is more serious for security of state then Memo scandal as It was leaks which was being discussed among the head of the Army Head of Govt and all other important persons who are responsible for Security of the state and matter was being discussed about the terrorism that how to handle the issue but fake news was leaked to the Dawn News .Once news was published on the Dawn news it got attention of all National or International media specially Indian Media which is always seek to malign Pakistan either news is fake or truth their objectives just to do propaganda against the Pakistan specially against the National Defense line ISI and Pak army they started to malign Pakistan army by giving reference of the Dawn news reports unfortunately Persons who gave the news to dawn news reporter was forgotten that by doing this they are not serving to the democracy but to damage the democracy .Before the Dawn News report people of Pakistan was very limited believe on the so called democracy but after the Dawn leaks Pakistani people have totally lost their confidence on the so called democracy because when memo scandal was taken place that period was also so called Democracy and now Dawn leaks was happened .Now security institutions are not going to do further confidence on the politicians. Once a effort is taken place that serious threats to National security by any person either he she belongs to Govt or not action must be taken by the Higher judiciary it is their constitutional responsibility but sorry to say I have not a single example which argue in favour of our higher courts that thay have taken action and brought to the responsible to the justice . Our higher courts must restore people confidence by given brave verdicts .If our higher judiciary take the actions against Memo scandal so I don’t think that Dawn leaks happened but if other institutions would take action against the responsible so then you people would start to cry that Institutions are crossing their limits and all institutions should work under their own limits .I am thinking that how long this fake system would be carry on ? .How long our security institutions would show patience .I personally think that if same act was conducted by other persons so definitely they get result immediately and they can have disappeared but as security breach is conducted by higher authorized and influential people related institutions have no courage to act against the responsible . Pakistan is atomic country and we have proud to have atomic bombs as it is guarantee for our security .I want to inform my readers that nobody know that where are kept our bombs and often meeting takes place regarding to discuss the nuclear issues and if security breach again happened and leaks news regarding our nuclear sensitive information so what happened ? I think in future to prevent the issues like memo scandals or Dawn leaks there is need to be immediately taken actions responsible irrespective of their belongs or political influences so that we would be able to secure our National security otherwise there is no guarantee for not happed Memo Gate or Dawn news leaks again .Here it is also responsibility of our print and electronic media to show responsibility and maturity on sensitive issues which can lead to give chance to our enemies to do malign us and don’t take unfair advantage from freedom of press in Pakistan

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