Predictable terrorism amidst accountability pressure

(Abu Hassan, )

Naeem Abbas

There is a definite predictable pattern of terrorism in play. Every time there is a kind of accountability pressure on the ruling thugs or political parties endangering their positions of power, there coincides an incident of national carnage hand in glove with the enemies of the state and the terrorists to divert the national attention from the issue. There is a convergence of interests and so are the actions which follow. Hundreds of innocent lives of the ordinary have been sacrificed at the altar in this fashion – APS, Charsadda, Lahore and now Quetta among the very recent ones. It is quite apparent that loss of these precious human lives means nothing to our wretched leaders who are instrumental in these events in one way or the other.

In such national tragedies the sickening routine reactions of our sold out representatives, and media are without a heart and soul. Here comes in play a great hype for a day or two of issuing meaningless statements, a lot of chest thumping and then it is all back to business as usual. In case of every new incident we start fictitious hound chase to determine those responsible perhaps just to waste more precious time to further muddle and confuse the issue. It appears to give additional time to the enemies to regroup and legitimize the carnage caused by them.

On most occasions segments from our ruling coalition dare express solidarity not with the nation, but enemies of the state and this is tolerated by the party in government as if nothing has happened. The other day Hussain Haqqani and some other fence sitters were on CNN, BBC and other international, local airwaves expressing solidarity with the groups acting against the state, India and Afghanistan. Has anyone questioned AAZ or his party or the ruling regime about this? India is openly and boldly interfering in our internal affairs to destabilize Pakistan. This is despite Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Devol's threat and other Indian union ministers’ claiming that yes India is brewing trouble in Karachi, Balochistan and elsewhere in Pakistan. “If you support Kashmiris in any way, then be ready to lose Karachi and Balochistan.”

So is the case with the case with the Afghans, their security services and their functionaries openly issuing numerous statements and threats? The PM has yet to speak on the espionage activities of caught spymaster Lt Cdr Kulbushan Yadav and dozens of other RAW operatives caught red handed in Karachi, South Punjab, Lahore, Balochistan and even those found working in the industrial units owned by the PM and family. Can anyone beat this?
Just have a look.

Majority of the points from the much touted charter of so called National Action Plan by this government and signed by all the so called players, remains unactioned even after a lapse of nearly two years. What was the mechanism adopted in this plan to ensure immediate compliance? Who was responsible for what? Who was to arrange and release the funding? Even the basic NECTA is not in place. I remember at the time of its signing the NAP it was said that it will be put in place immediately and its progress monitored on weekly basis to completely eradicate terrorism, terrorists, its facilitators, aiders and abettors from the entire country on priority basis. That was nearly one and a half years ago. What happened then? Who all are responsible for not implementing it and why?

I have not seen anyone show any real concern, shed a single tear or give even a semblance of a united nation by initiating action and remedial measures to counter these well established ills eating away our country. The corrupt wolf pack remains well entrenched on party lines, party loyalties and protecting the status quo. They are continuing their ongoing loot and plunder and that of pursuing their targeted selfish agendas. Nothing much has changed on their beat or in their ways. They have been successful in dividing this nation on ethnic, sectarian and more so now on political party lines leaving Pakistan, its honour and its national interests far behind. They have no idea what a unified nation looks like nor have any intentions to rectify this precarious and highly dangerous polarization.

The Army on its part did all what it could even under the constraints of cooperation or rather noncooperation from the government in cleansing and dislodging the terrorists from FATA and Waziristan at great cost, shedding precious blood and sacrifice of its sons, looking after the IDPs, their rehabilitation and reconstruction activities in those war torn areas from its own meager resources, improving the situation in Karachi and Balochistan and even flushing out the Chhotu Gang and others from parts of southern Punjab.

There is nothing else it can do without the full whole hearted cooperation of the government. The federal and provincial political governments, it seems, are hell bent on restricting army's across-the-board nationwide operations and scope well defined and agreed upon in the NAP. Punjab and so much more oozing with terrorism and massive corruption remains a hide out for terrorism and corruption where the MNS & SS government is obstructing an all out operation as such a sacred cow so far primarily because the emperor has no clothes.

They currently are betting and resorting to every trick on phasing out the current COAS knowing well that they will be caught with their pants down which will lead to their being ousted from power both in the center and Punjab. They are also betting on replacing Gen RS with their own man. In view of the gravity of the serious situation domestically and in the international pretext, I feel there is little chance that even the next COAS and the army will sit in their lap or bet on them. How far they succeed is anyone's guess but I sincerely do not feel things can go on much longer in this fashion even with the support of AAZ and other forces of status quo. They are in real trouble and danger because of their massive corruption being unearthed and the real time local and international dangers looming around Pakistan.

Now the big question is how long do we continue like this in inaction while being confronted with such real dangers threatening our very existence, well being and solidarity of our country. These dents and inaction and failure to rectify the situation in a serious manner are weakening the country by the hour. No more cushions of any type and no more time are available and the margin for error is zero. Expectations that the current system over time will provide answers simply amounts to living in a fool’s paradise or burying our heads in the sand like an ostrich waiting for the inevitable.

We are yet to even declare a state of emergency and launch a unified action in our country to identify, catch and weed out the undesirable elements working against the state since decades. Our current government has zero resolve for doing that. Thinking that the Army no matter how good can do it all without the full and active support of the people, the government and all the state institutions and protect the country and the people is much beyond its capacity and amounts to absurd thinking. No need to reinvent the wheel. Just look around at other nations in our situation earlier and today and follow the suit accordingly. There is only one mandatory criterion in doing that. One thing is for sure for achieving any success. The leadership and the government have to be patriotic and nationalist beyond doubt as a starting point. (ENDS)


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