Panama Investigation.

(Katiba Sana, Karachi)

Panama leaks trending in Pakistan like rest of the world. Panama leaks is a big scandal in which most rich leaders and known personalities of the world involved in it. Every where protest seen against this corruption. In Pakistan justifications and blame game start and no big reaction seen in Pakistan while corruption is institutional in Pakistan from top to bottom.

The Panama papers are global investigation of those who use offshore companies to hide the arms deals, tax evasion and financial fraud. The leak reveals a lot about politicians in Pakistan. A protest on Tv channels seen and some political parties like PTI and some others condemned this while as usual public of Pakistan have no tension from where this money earn and why not submit tax when the public paying taxes.

The Government agreed to announce inquiry headed by retired judge while opposition disagrees on it and rejected. Any how it is the big scandal in which Pakistan Prime minister and his children Hasan Nawaz, Hussain Nawaz and Maryum Nawaz involved in this scandal. According to the supreme court, a five judge bench headed by justice Asif Saeed khan while justice Khosa announce the result of Panama.

The supreme court decision about Panama is the high profile case which put spot light on offshore properties of Prime minister and his family and Panama is not an ordinary case the court will consider all aspects of the case and give judgement in accordance with the law and constitution while the supreme court of Pakistan announced its verdict in the Panama leaks case on 20 April at 2 pm.

The supreme court of Pakistan has delivered its judgment in the Panama papers case of corruption but rather than delivering a final judgement, the court called for the creation of a ' joint investigation team' (JIT) to explore thirteen inquiries concerning corruption allegations against the Sharif family over the next sixty days.

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