Intensified condition of Myanmar and need of International Interference

(Maemuna Sadaf, Rawalpindi)

Massive killings of innocent Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar are continued even after the protest and letter written to International community. The Rohingya Muslims are 4% minority community living in western region of Myanmar, Rakhine state.

The Rohingya ancestors migrated from Bangladesh centuries ago and settled in Rakhine. In 1984, the citizenship of this community was cancelled and they were forced to leave Myanmar. After Marshall Law regime, Ashin Wirathu (the most popular religious leader, the Monk) has started an Anti-Muslim campaign and declared that Myanmar is a country for Buddhists only. Anyone observing religion else than Buddhism should vacate the country or expelled out by force specifically Muslims. His campaign made most of Buddhists to fight against Muslims. Government of Myanmar has not been able to stop the violence and conflicts. Even present ruler of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, International Nobel Peace Prize winner, is not actively playing her role in saving these innocent Rohingya Muslims.

In a letter by Asian Legal Resource Center and Odhikar was written to United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). In the said letter, it was exclaimed that international intervention is required to stop ethnic cleansing against Rohingya people. There are victims of enforced disappearances, torture, rape and arson attack. It is the matter of grave concern that Myanmar Government is continuously denying all allegations against its security forces for committing genocide on Rohingya Muslims. Many villages are burnt, Masjids are destructed. Collateral damage has been occurred. Rohingya Muslims are at breaking point where life has become the worst nightmare for them.
More than 1,25,000 Rohingya fled to Bangladesh avoiding strict surveillance. Few among thousands were able to get shelter in Bangladesh, are also restricted to attain help from anyone except Government permission. Many are still stuck in Bay of Bengal. Rape cases against migrant Rohingyas are common.

UNHRC appointed a three member committee to visit Myanmar and investigate the true situation. But Myanmar Government refused to grant visa. Myanmar army has surrounded the affected area so that no foreign relief or journalist could enter the territory.

A report published by Irish Centre for Human Rights depicted that Myanmar Government is responsible for atrocities including forced laborer, Rape and sexual violence, persecution of Rohingya Muslims. The doomed Muslims are slaughter in Myanmar and neglected in Bangladesh. Hence, they are stuck between the two countries and are swamped because of geographical, environmental situations.

In the report of Amnesty International 2016-2017, it was mentioned that Discrimination, religious intolerance and anti-Muslim sentiments intensified after the clashes between Myanmar Army and Arakan Army. From April 2017 the Government of Myanmar restricted access of United Nations (UN) and other humanitarian agencies in conflicted area. According to UN office of coordination of Humanitarian affairs, over 250,000 are internally displaced (IDPs) in Myanmar. Around 100,000 refugees are living in refugee camps in Thailand.

Concluding more, the intervention of International community and UN can save Rohingya races. International institutions and NGO’s should provide financial help and try to save those who are stuck on Bay of Bangal. Government of Myanmar should allow foreign investigation and make efforts to save Rohingya. If Aung San Suu Kyi is not able to save any community in her country and in her regime hundreds of thousand humans are killed then her Nobel peace prize should be returned.

On the other hand, international community should pressurize Myanmar Government to take action against those who are violating humanitarian laws. As well as, Muslim countries should raise their voice against atrocities on Rohingya Muslims. Also, provision of financial aid is not enough, international community should take immediate steps to restore humanitarian rights of Rohingya community.

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