Extremism or Intolerence

(Muhammad Aized, Lahore)

Extremism; a word defined by dictionary as a set ideas or beliefs that do not concide with majority's opinion. We all have standards of extremism. For example; the west considers beards and turbans as extremism while the east considers bars and bikinis as of the same category. But the point to ponder; is extremism interconnected with terrorism? All terrorists are extremists but all extremists are not terrorists. These are two different things.

Extremism may give birth to revolutionaries. It is not harmful until the sentiments are not misused by the organised non-state actors or the state itself. Everyone may have some distinct thoughts that may appear contrary to the rituals and traditions. So would it be just to label everyone as an extremist? Jinnah, Mandela, Simon Boliver, Chi Gaviria and many more also had extremist narrative. But, they all lived up a life for the betterment of the humanity.

Now, what is the root cause of extremists turning into brutal terrorists. One of the main reasons is; intolerance and bigotry. We are not ready even to listen an argument which is against our opinion. We become judgmental in a fraction of second and which closes all the windows of our mind through which light of wisdom can enter. This behavior leads to the radicalization of inviduals which are exploited by anarchists for their grim intentions.

This situation requires a pragmatic approach to deal with. As we all have a reason to consider ourselves right so we must have the forbearance and endurance to consider someone else virtuous too. Intolerance is a bigger problem than extremism. We need to fight it at every front i.e: schools, universities, offices and where not. Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. We ought to be more accepting than repudiating. Otherwise, the state would be filled with intolerant extremists cum terrorists. And this situation would be really gruesome.

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