PCB says committed to its fight against corruption in cricket


LAHORE: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Monday issued its response on Al Jazeera Investigative Unit’s latest documentary which claimed that four international cricket matches involving Pakistan allegedly involved spot-fixing. “The PCB is committed to its fight against corruption in cricket. It has and continues to cooperate, assist and coordinate with the ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit in respect of investigations related to international cricket,” the board said in a statement. The PCB also said it’s jointly investigating the issue along with the ICC but without provision of evidence from the broadcaster, the allegations would remain baseless. “The recent allegations of corruption emanating from a documentary released by a broadcaster are under review jointly by the ICC and PCB’s Anti-Corruption Units. The broadcaster has not been forthcoming with provision of any evidence whatsoever in the absence of which their allegations remain unsubstantiated,” the statement added.

The board also reiterated its desire about uprooting the menace of corruption from the game. “The PCB in the recent past has been proactive in uprooting the menace of corruption and has charged and banned numerous cricketers for failing to abide by the Anti-Corruption Code. It stands by that resolve,” the statement concluded. It must be the noted that the documentary contains recordings of an Indian match-fixer phoning in details of spot-fixes in 15 international matches to a notorious bookmaker. At present the exact fixed sessions have not been revealed due to the criminal nature of the investigation.

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