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Latest Urdu Poetry, Ghazals & Shayari

Urdu Poetry is the best way to express feelings with everyone. Find an amazing collection of Urdu poetry, shayari and ghazals by all the famous poets. Discover well known and legends Urdu poets of Pakistan and around the world including Mirza Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, Ahmed Faraz, Wasi Shah, Perveen Shakir and others. Regular updates of Top 20 Urdu popular poetries and the latest Urdu ghazals & shayari. Check out the best Urdu Poetry in written format as well as Urdu shayari images.






Urdu Poetry

Poetry is a form of literature that uses the aesthetic and often rhythmic tendencies of language, such as phonetics, sound and symbolism create irrational meaning. It is a language of feelings, emotions, and love. Poetry is the best way to describe the inner feeling. Urdu poetry is considered the best way to describe inner feelings in words for those who can understand this language well. Urdu poetry and poets are famous in the world even Allama Iqbal is considered as the poet of the East.

Read Urdu poetry or Shayari here. Check Urdu poems from famous poets. Read Urdu Shayari, Ghazal, Rubai, Nazms, Qasida, Marsia, etc. All the forms are mentioned here. Urdu poetry from different genres and categories including sad, funny, love/romance, political, Sufi, and rain/barish, are also available. Express your feelings and share Urdu poetry with your friends and family members. Read the latest Urdu poetry from the vast collection of new poets.

Are you fraternized by the mention of beloved and beauty in the poetry of Mirza Ghalib, or feel the pain of heartbroken in the poetic collection of Mir Dard and Mir Taqi Mir? If yes, then this Urdu poetry page is designed just for you. This page has all the poetries of famous poets search for y.our favorite Urdu Poetry and Urdu Poet here. Check out Urdu poetry in Urdu text and find the Urdu poetry 2 lines who are looking for a shorter way to express their self.

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جب میری داستان میں، تم اپنا ذکر پاؤ گے بولو مجھے کسطرح خود سے جدا کر پاؤ گے

By: Uzma, Lahore on Feb, 11 2021

میں نے تمہیں نہیں چھوڑا تم نے مجھے چھوڑا ہے میں کیوں پچھتاؤں تم پچھتاؤ، جِتنا چاہو

By: Uzma, LAHORE on Feb, 11 2021

رات بھر کسی کے انتظار نے جگائے رکھا صبحِ دَم نیند نے آنکھوں کوسُلائے رکھا ٗ

By: UA, LAHORE on Feb, 11 2021


By: khalid, karachi on Feb, 10 2021

Wao bht khob washma bht achi lagi ap ki ghazal

By: Awais Raza, Gujrat on Feb, 07 2021