Black Meaning in Urdu

Black meaning in English to Urdu is سیاہ (Siah). Black synonym words are included Achromatic, Blackamoor, Blacken, Blackened, Blackness, Bleak, Calamitous, Contraband, Dark, Dim, Disastrous, Disgraceful, Fatal, Fateful, Grim, Ignominious, Inglorious, Mordant, Negro, Negroid, Opprobrious, Pitch-black, Pitch-dark, Shameful, Sinister, Smuggled. Similar words of Black are also commonly used in daily talk like as Blackbeetle, Blackbird, and Blackboard.

Black Sentence & Examples
  • A black hen can lay a white egg.
  • A black man being called mr white.
  • As the result most people no longer fear black cat, broken mirrors, and the number 13.
Black Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (n.) A stain; a spot; a smooch.
  2. (n.) That which is destitute of light or whiteness; the darkest color, or rather a destitution of all color; as, a cloth has a good black.
  3. (adv.) Sullenly; threateningly; maliciously; so as to produce blackness.
  4. (n.) A negro; a person whose skin is of a black color, or shaded with black; esp. a member or descendant of certain African races.
  5. (n.) A black pigment or dye.
  6. (a.) In a less literal sense: Enveloped or shrouded in darkness; very dark or gloomy; as, a black night; the heavens black with clouds.
  7. (a.) Destitute of light, or incapable of reflecting it; of the color of soot or coal; of the darkest or a very dark color, the opposite of white; characterized by such a color; as, black cloth; black hair or eyes.
  8. (a.) Fig.: Dismal, gloomy, or forbidding, like darkness; destitute of moral light or goodness; atrociously wicked; cruel; mournful; calamitous; horrible.
  9. (a.) Expressing menace, or discontent; threatening; sullen; foreboding; as, to regard one with black looks.
  10. (a.) To make black; to blacken; to soil; to sully.
  11. (n.) Mourning garments of a black color; funereal drapery.
  12. (a.) To make black and shining, as boots or a stove, by applying blacking and then polishing with a brush.
  13. (n.) A black garment or dress; as, she wears black
  14. (n.) The part of a thing which is distinguished from the rest by being black.

Black Urdu Meaning with Definition

Black is an English word that is used in many sentences in different contexts. Black meaning in Urdu is a سیاہ - Siah. Black word is driven by the English language. Black word meaning in English is well described here in English as well as in Urdu. You can use this amazing English to Urdu dictionary online to check the meaning of other words too as the word Black meaning.

Finding the exact meaning of any word online is a little tricky. There is more than 1 meaning of each word. However the meaning of Black stated above is reliable and authentic. It can be used in various sentences and Black word synonyms are also given on this page. Dictionary is a helpful tool for everyone who wants to learn a new word or wants to find the meaning. This English to Urdu dictionary online is easy to use and carry in your pocket. Similar to the meaning of Black, you can check other words' meanings as well by searching it online.

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