Bound Meaning in Urdu

Bound meaning in English to Urdu is محدود کرنا (Mehdood karna). Bound synonym words are included Apprenticed, Articled, Bandaged, Border, Bounce, Boundary, Compelled, Confine, Constrained, Destined, Edge, Indentured, Jump, Leap, Leaping, Limit, Obligate, Rebound, Recoil, Resile, Restrain, Restrict, Reverberate, Ricochet, Saltation, Spring, Throttle, Trammel. Similar words of Bound are also commonly used in daily talk like as Boun, Boundless, and Boundlessness.

Bound Sentence & Examples
  • The book binder will not have bound the books.
  • This ship is bound for america.
  • This ship is bound for saudi arabia.
Bound Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (p. p.) of Bind
  2. (imp.) of Bind
  3. (v.) Ready or intending to go; on the way toward; going; -- with to or for, or with an adverb of motion; as, a ship is bound to Cadiz, or for Cadiz.
  4. (p. p. & a.) Constipated; costive.
  5. (v. t.) To name the boundaries of; as, to bound France.
  6. (n.) A leap; an elastic spring; a jump.
  7. (p. p. & a.) Under legal or moral restraint or obligation.
  8. (p. p. & a.) Resolved; as, I am bound to do it.
  9. (v. i.) To move with a sudden spring or leap, or with a succession of springs or leaps; as the beast bounded from his den; the herd bounded across the plain.
  10. (n.) Spring from one foot to the other.
  11. (n.) Rebound; as, the bound of a ball.
  12. (p. p. & a.) Inclosed in a binding or cover; as, a bound volume.
  13. (n.) The external or limiting line, either real or imaginary, of any object or space; that which limits or restrains, or within which something is limited or restrained; limit; confine; extent; boundary.
  14. (p. p. & a.) Constrained or compelled; destined; certain; -- followed by the infinitive; as, he is bound to succeed; he is bound to fail.
  15. (p. p. & a.) Restrained by a hand, rope, chain, fetters, or the like.
  16. (v. t.) To make to bound or leap; as, to bound a horse.
  17. (v. t.) To cause to rebound; to throw so that it will rebound; as, to bound a ball on the floor.
  18. () imp. & p. p. of Bind.
  19. (v. t.) To limit; to terminate; to fix the furthest point of extension of; -- said of natural or of moral objects; to lie along, or form, a boundary of; to inclose; to circumscribe; to restrain; to confine.
  20. (v. i.) To rebound, as an elastic ball.

Bound Urdu Meaning with Definition

Bound is an English word that is used in many sentences in different contexts. Bound meaning in Urdu is a محدود کرنا - Mehdood karna. Bound word is driven by the English language. Bound word meaning in English is well described here in English as well as in Urdu. You can use this amazing English to Urdu dictionary online to check the meaning of other words too as the word Bound meaning.

Finding the exact meaning of any word online is a little tricky. There is more than 1 meaning of each word. However the meaning of Bound stated above is reliable and authentic. It can be used in various sentences and Bound word synonyms are also given on this page. Dictionary is a helpful tool for everyone who wants to learn a new word or wants to find the meaning. This English to Urdu dictionary online is easy to use and carry in your pocket. Similar to the meaning of Bound, you can check other words' meanings as well by searching it online.

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