Poke Meaning in Urdu

The meaning of Poke in Urdu is "گھسیڑنا" as written in Urdu script, or "Ghuserna" as written in Roman Urdu. Other possible Urdu translations for Poke include "Ghuserna". You can find more definitions and synonyms of Poke on this page.

Poke Sentence & Examples
  • The Room Is Cold, Poke The Fire Up A Little.
  • Be Careful Not To Poke Someone In The Eye 
  • The room is cold, poke the fire up a little.
Poke Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (n.) A bag; a sack; a pocket.
  2. (v. t.) To thrust or push against or into with anything pointed; hence, to stir up; to excite; as, to poke a fire.
  3. (n.) A large North American herb of the genus Phytolacca (P. decandra), bearing dark purple juicy berries; -- called also garget, pigeon berry, pocan, and pokeweed. The root and berries have emetic and purgative properties, and are used in medicine. The young shoots are sometimes eaten as a substitute for asparagus, and the berries are said to be used in Europe to color wine.
  4. (v. t.) To thrust with the horns; to gore.
  5. (n.) A lazy person; a dawdler; also, a stupid or uninteresting person.
  6. (n.) The act of poking; a thrust; a jog; as, a poke in the ribs.
  7. (v. t.) To put a poke on; as, to poke an ox.
  8. (n.) A long, wide sleeve; -- called also poke sleeve.
  9. (n.) A contrivance to prevent an animal from leaping or breaking through fences. It consists of a yoke with a pole inserted, pointed forward.
  10. (v. i.) To search; to feel ones way, as in the dark; to grope; as, to poke about.

Poke Urdu Meaning with Definition

Poke is an English word meaning Ghuserna in Urdu, written as گھسیڑنا. It means to push someone or something with a finger or other object, or to force anything through or past someone or something with something narrow or pointed, such as a finger, elbow, stick, or other such things. You can find here its proper pronunciation, correct Urdu translation, definition, and sentences.

Q1) What does it mean Poke in Urdu?

"Poke" meaning in Urdu is گھسیڑنا Ghuserna.

Q2) Can Poke be used formal?

Yes, Poke can be used in formal Urdu. It is a versatile word that can be used in both formal and informal contexts.

Q3) Are there any other translations of Poke in Urdu?

Yes, other translations of Poke in Urdu include گھسیڑنا Ghuserna, داخل کرنا Dakhil karna, and ٹھونسنا Thonsna.

Q4) What are Poke synonyms?

Some synonyms for Poke include: Dig, Garget, Jab, Lick, Nose, Poking, Pound, Prod, Pry, Punch, Sack, Scoke, Stab, Thrust, Thrusting, Thump.

Q5) How do you use Poke in a sentence?

The Room Is Cold, Poke The Fire Up A Little.

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