• Chips Definition & Synonyms

  1. (n.) A ships carpenter.

• Chip Definition & Synonyms

  1. (v. t.) To break or crack, or crack off a portion of, as of an eggshell in hatching, or a piece of crockery.
  2. (v. t.) To cut small pieces from; to diminish or reduce to shape, by cutting away a little at a time; to hew.
  3. (n.) Anything dried up, withered, or without flavor; -- used contemptuously.
  4. (n.) A piece of wood, stone, or other substance, separated by an ax, chisel, or cutting instrument.
  5. (n.) A fragment or piece broken off; a small piece.
  6. (n.) Wood or Cuban palm leaf split into slips, or straw plaited in a special manner, for making hats or bonnets.
  7. (n.) The triangular piece of wood attached to the log line.
  8. (v. t.) To bet, as with chips in the game of poker.
  9. (n.) One of the counters used in poker and other games.
  10. (v. i.) To break or fly off in small pieces.

Bit, Check, Chipping, Crack, Crisp, Flake, Fleck, Knap, Nick, Scrap, Splintering,