Domain Meaning in Urdu

Domain meaning in English to Urdu is دائرہ اقتدار (Daira iqtadar). Domain synonym words are included Area, Arena, Demesne, Field, Land, Orbit, Realm, Region, Sphere, World. Similar words of Domain are also commonly used in daily talk like as Domain Right Of Eminent, Domain Area, and Domain Authority.

Domain Sentence & Examples
  • Public domain software is sometimes called shareware.
  • Register a domain name if you want people to find your website.
  • This question comes into the domain of philosophy.
Domain Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (n.) Landed property; estate; especially, the land about the mansion house of a lord, and in his immediate occupancy; demesne.
  2. (n.) Ownership of land; an estate or patrimony which one has in his own right; absolute proprietorship; paramount or sovereign ownership.
  3. (n.) Dominion; empire; authority.
  4. (n.) The territory over which dominion or authority is exerted; the possessions of a sovereign or commonwealth, or the like. Also used figuratively.

Domain Urdu Meaning with Definition

Domain is an English word meaning Daira Iqtadar in Urdu, written as دائرہ اقتدار. It is an area of territory owned or controlled by a particular ruler or government. A domain can be defined as a particular field of thought, activity, or interest, especially one over which someone has control, influence, or rights. You may learn how to pronounce it correctly along with translation in Urdu, as well as the definition and sentences that go with it.

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