Foul Meaning in Urdu

The meaning of Foul in Urdu is "گندا" as written in Urdu script, or "Ganda" as written in Roman Urdu. Other possible Urdu translations for Foul include "Ganda". You can find more definitions and synonyms of Foul on this page.

Foul Sentence & Examples
  • We shall not play foul game.
Foul Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (superl.) Scurrilous; obscene or profane; abusive; as, foul words; foul language.
  2. (n.) See Foul ball, under Foul, a.
  3. (superl.) Loathsome; disgusting; as, a foul disease.
  4. (superl.) Covered with, or containing, extraneous matter which is injurious, noxious, offensive, or obstructive; filthy; dirty; not clean; polluted; nasty; defiled; as, a foul cloth; foul hands; a foul chimney; foul air; a ships bottom is foul when overgrown with barnacles; a gun becomes foul from repeated firing; a well is foul with polluted water.
  5. (n.) An entanglement; a collision, as in a boat race.
  6. (v. t.) To incrust (the bore of a gun) with burnt powder in the process of firing.
  7. (n.) A bird.
  8. (v. i.) To become entagled, as ropes; to come into collision with something; as, the two boats fouled.
  9. (superl.) Ugly; homely; poor.
  10. (superl.) Not favorable; unpropitious; not fair or advantageous; as, a foul wind; a foul road; cloudy or rainy; stormy; not fair; -- said of the weather, sky, etc.
  11. (v. t.) To entangle, so as to impede motion; as, to foul a rope or cable in paying it out; to come into collision with; as, one boat fouled the other in a race.
  12. (v. i.) To become clogged with burnt powder in the process of firing, as a gun.
  13. (superl.) Having freedom of motion interfered with by collision or entanglement; entangled; -- opposed to clear; as, a rope or cable may get foul while paying it out.
  14. (superl.) Not conformed to the established rules and customs of a game, conflict, test, etc.; unfair; dishonest; dishonorable; cheating; as, foul play.
  15. (v. t.) To cover (a ships bottom) with anything that impered its sailing; as, a bottom fouled with barnacles.
  16. (v. t.) To make filthy; to defile; to daub; to dirty; to soil; as, to foul the face or hands with mire.
  17. (superl.) Hateful; detestable; shameful; odious; wretched.
  18. (n.) In various games or sports, an act done contrary to the rules; a foul stroke, hit, play, or the like.

Foul Urdu Meaning with Definition

Foul is an English word that is used in many sentences in different contexts. Foul meaning in Urdu is a گندا - Ganda. Foul word is driven by the English language. Foul word meaning in English is well described here in English as well as in Urdu. You can use this amazing English to Urdu dictionary online to check the meaning of other words too as the word Foul meaning.

Finding the exact meaning of any word online is a little tricky. There is more than 1 meaning of each word. However the meaning of Foul stated above is reliable and authentic. It can be used in various sentences and Foul word synonyms are also given on this page. Dictionary is a helpful tool for everyone who wants to learn a new word or wants to find the meaning. This English to Urdu dictionary online is easy to use and carry in your pocket. Similar to the meaning of Foul, you can check other words' meanings as well by searching it online.

Q1) What does it mean Foul in Urdu?

"Foul" meaning in Urdu is گندا Ganda.

Q2) Can Foul be used formal?

Yes, Foul can be used in formal Urdu. It is a versatile word that can be used in both formal and informal contexts.

Q3) Are there any other translations of Foul in Urdu?

Yes, other translations of Foul in Urdu include گندا Ganda, میلا کرنا Malaa karana, and ناپاک Napak.

Q4) What are Foul synonyms?

Some synonyms for Foul include: Afoul, Befoul, Cheating, Choke, Clog, Congest, Contaminate, Defile, Dirty, Disgustful, Disgusting, Distasteful, Fetid, Filthy, Fouled, Funky, Loathly, Loathsome, Maculate, Nasty, Noisome, Pollute, Putrid, Repellent, Repelling, Revolting, Smutty, Stinking, Vile, Wicked.

Q5) How do you use Foul in a sentence?

We shall not play foul game.

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